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December 2020

Acquisition of offshore wind farm specialist EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH

23/12/2020 - News update - Germany
With 30% growth every year between 2010 and 2018, offshore wind is on the rise – and by acquiring EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH, VINCI Energies is set to play a key role in the development of this sustainable energy.

The metro Line 14 extension north of Paris is open

23/12/2020 - News update - France
Services on the Line 14 extension to the north, from Saint Lazare train station to Mairie de Saint Ouen metro station, started up on Monday 14 December.

Providing energy to isolated families in Brazil

23/12/2020 - News update - Brazil
Omexom G&S (VINCI Energies International & Systems) signed a contract with Energisa to supply energy generation systems to over 2,000 isolated families in the region of Pantanal Matogrossense in the state of Mato Grosso do Sul in Brazil.

Introducing VINCI jobs to girls in priority areas

18/12/2020 - News update - France
To combat the stereotypes girls sometimes have about construction & civil engineering jobs - still too often thought of as jobs for men - and to stimulate new career interests, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité and the non-profit Rêv’Elles are launching the ”Rêv’Elles Me Construction & Civil Engineering Jobs” programme.

A zero-CO2 e-emission pile borer

14/12/2020 - News update - France
On a project in Paris, Bottes Fondations (VINCI Construction France) has chosen to build piles using an electric borer that releases no CO2.

A show of solidarity for communities in Colombia

09/12/2020 - News update - Colombia
The management of the Bogotá—Girardot highway in Colombia by teams at VIA 40 Express (a VINCI Highways/VINCI Concessions subsidiary) goes hand in hand with initiatives assisting the local economy and social fabric.

The Chester Northgate development boosts apprentice numbers in the UK

09/12/2020 - News update - United Kingdom
Eleven apprentices have been employed by VINCI Construction UK to work on a project to build new public spaces – including a park, covered market, cinema and coworking spaces – in Chester’s historic city centre within the first six months of the scheme’s construction.

Creation of a social and solidarity enterprise, TRIDEV

08/12/2020 - News update - France
In partnership with Id’ees, a major player in the insertion through employment sector in France, Eurovia just created TRIDEV, a reinsertion company specialising in maintaining green spaces and deconstructing buildings.

November 2020

The teams at ETF (Eurovia) in Egypt clean up the Nile

17/11/2020 - News update - Egypt
ETF’s teams in Egypt and their families took part in an operation to help clean up the Nile Saturday 7 November!

Introducing the UK’s first autonomous electric delivery vehicle

16/11/2020 - News update - United Kingdom
Kar-Go, an electric robot engineered by startup Academy of Robotics, can deliver up to 48 parcels per round, and lower financial and environmental costs in the process.

VINCI Airports joins ACI’s Sustainability Committee

14/11/2020 - News update - France
Due to its nationally and internationally recognised environmental initiatives, the Salvador de Bahia airport, which is operated by VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions), was recently appointed to Airports Council International’s (ACI’s) Permanent Sustainability Committee.

VINCI’s solidarity drive in Canada

13/11/2020 - News update - Canada
As part of the solidarity drive it set in motion last April to push back against the health crisis, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité has enlisted every Group entity in Canada to provide exceptional aid to local charities.

Electrical systems for a hospital in Sweden

09/11/2020 - News update - Sweden
In partnership with building contractor Rekab Entreprenad AB, Eitech Hudiksvall (VINCI Energies Europe West) has been awarded the contract to install all of the electrical systems at a hospital being upgraded in Hudiksvall, a coastal town in the east of Sweden.

Delivery of the NoLiStra project in Strasbourg

09/11/2020 - News update - France
Adim Est, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction France, has delivered the final building for NoLiStra – from the French for “New Location Strasbourg” – in the east of France.

Operation “Zero food waste” in Chile

09/11/2020 - News update - Chile
Santiago international airport (VINCI Airports/VINCI Concessions) is currently trialling a solution to combat food waste on site that will run until February 2021.

A new HQ for the Le Monde newspaper

05/11/2020 - News update - France
Le Monde has moved into new premises in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, alongside Austerlitz railway station.

In Isère, a new hydroelectric power station will supply 230,000 households

05/11/2020 - News update - France
The EDF Romanche-Gavet hydroelectric plant, which will increase electricity production in the Romanche valley by 40%, was inaugurated on Friday October 9, 2020, at the end of the largest hydroelectric project in France, with a total duration of 10 years.

VINCI Airports becomes the country’s biggest private-sector producer of solar energy

05/11/2020 - News update - Dominican Republic
Las Américas Airport, managed by Aerodom (VINCI Airports/VINCI Concessions), recently completed the installation of its photovoltaic park, with the deployment of 6,364 additional panels.

A new-generation asphalt plant in the Czech Republic

05/11/2020 - News update - Czech Republic
Eurovia has equipped itself with a new-generation asphalt plant, one of the most modern and most ecological in the country.

Mobilised to support disadvantaged students in Portugal

02/11/2020 - News update - Portugal
The VINCI community scheme, a Fondation VINCI sponsorship programme in Portugal, which includes ANA (VINCI Airports/VINCI Concessions) and VINCI Energies Portugal, offered its support to the Gulbenkian Foundation as part of its efforts in response to the health crisis.

Contract to operate a network of electric vehicle charging points

02/11/2020 - News update - France
In early October, Citeos (VINCI Energies) won the first public comprehensive performance contract in France to manage a network of electric vehicle charging points.

Commissioning of the last automatic dams on the River Meuse

01/11/2020 - News update - France
At the end of August 2020, Bameo, in which VINCI Concessions holds a 50% stake, completed the construction phase of a public-private partnership with the Voies navigables de France (VNF).

ACA certification – Level 2 for the three airports in Cambodia

01/11/2020 - News update - Cambodia
The three international airports operated by Cambodia Airports (VINCI Airports/VINCI Concessions) have recently obtained Level 2 Airport Carbon Accreditation (ACA) in recognition of the measures put in place to reduce their carbon footprint (scopes 1 and 2).

Renovating and upgrading the runways at Sihanoukville and Toulon

01/11/2020 - News update - France
On 13 October, Sihanoukville airport (Cambodia Airports/VINCI Airports) held a religious ceremony in keeping with local tradition to mark the end of the project to upgrade its runway.

October 2020

Lillenium shopping centre opens in northern France

26/10/2020 - News update - France
Sogea Caroni (VINCI Construction France) handed over the new Lillenium shopping centre (surface area: 56,000 m2), to the south of Lille, on 25 August 2020.

Restoring the Perret tower in Grenoble

26/10/2020 - News update - France
The city of Grenoble (in south-eastern France) has entrusted the consortium led by Freyssinet (Soletanche Freyssinet/VINCI Construction) and encompassing Comte (VINCI Construction France) with carrying out a set of tests, with a view to refurbishing the Perret tower, a 90-metre-high historical monument.

Highlighting the biodiversity alongside the R1 expressway

26/10/2020 - News update - Slovakia
This summer, PR1BINA (VINCI Highways/VINCI Concessions), which manages 52 km of motorway between Nitra and Tekovské Nemce, in the west of the country, launched an information campaign aimed at the general public about the various types of flora and fauna to be found by the roadside.

Restoring ecological continuity in the Aude department

26/10/2020 - News update - France
On behalf of the association responsible for the basin of the Fresquel river, Equo Vivo (VINCI Construction Terrassement) teams are demolishing a shutter dam in Pennautier, in order to restore the Fresquel’s ecological continuity.

Outreach and mobilisation in the south-east

13/10/2020 - News update - France
Following the passage of the storm Alex in the Alpes-Maritimes, VINCI Autoroutes teams and the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité mobilised to help the victims.

Solidarity and sustainability in Peru

12/10/2020 - News update - Peru
Alongside the Fondation VINCI, Lima Expresa (VINCI Highways/VINCI Concessions) took part in the
GuerreroEmprendedor campaign led by NGO Peru Champs and backed by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).

VINCI Airports committed to sustainable flight

01/10/2020 - News update - France
This 15 September, VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) signed a partnership agreement with the Fédération Française Aéronautique to support the general aviation sector and fast-track its energy transition.

An application for rail maintenance

01/10/2020 - News update - France
After a year of development and testing, MESEA (VINCI Railways/VINCI Concessions) is introducing TIME – for Ticket Incident MEsea –, an application geared for maintenance on the South Europe Atlantic high-speed rail line.

September 2020

Smart lighting for the town of Cafelândia in Brazil

28/09/2020 - News update - Brazil
Omexom Smart Cities (VINCI Energies International & Systems) has signed a contract with the town of Cafelândia, in the State of Parana, to replace 2,600 conventional light points with LEDs.

Hydrogen: a first conclusive test at a construction site

25/09/2020 - News update - France
VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial is blazing new trails in France’s public works: it is testing a 30 kVA hydrogen-powered electric generator at its “Ouistreham” sea dock in Le Havre (Normandy).

Building a research centre in Poland

24/09/2020 - News update - Poland
Warbud (VINCI Construction) and the Agricultural University of Kraków have signed a design-build contract for an innovation and research centre focused on food safety and health.

Reforestation and protecting natural environments in Colombia

24/09/2020 - News update - Colombia
Through an environmental offset and reforestation programme led by Via 40 Express (VINCI Highways/VINCI Concessions) with Colombia’s National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), more than 3,388 trees have been planted since last year in the municipalities of Soacha and Sibaté, south of Bogotá.

BIM d’Or: l’archipel wins silver

23/09/2020 - News update - France
The 2020 BIM d’Or ceremony, organised by Le Moniteur and Les Cahiers Techniques du Bâtiment to reward outstanding projects using digital models, took place on Monday 21 September at Station F in Paris.

Apprenticeships designed by our teams

18/09/2020 - News update - France
Since the beginning of the school year, 34 students have had the opportunity to join one of the two groups taking a BTS (advanced technical) course in electrotechnology, which VINCI Energies has set up in partnership with Les Compagnons du Devoir, a training organisation, in eastern France.

Works on a section of railway line

14/09/2020 - News update - Lithuania
The joint venture composed of Eurovia Lietuva, Eurovia CS and Ltd GTC is renewing a stretch of the line linking the seaport of Klaipėda to Belarus via Vilnius, one of the busiest in the country.

Off-plan sale of an office complex near Lyons

14/09/2020 - News update - France
In July, VINCI Immobilier and Foncière Inea agreed the off-plan sale of the Le Stadium office complex in the OL City business park in Décines-Charpieu, to the east of Lyon.

Completion of a Green Way in the Orne department

14/09/2020 - News update - France
In late July, Eurovia’s Basse-Normandie (Orne sector) office completed the works to transform a disused railway line into a Green Way (voie verte) between Alençon and Couterne, on behalf of the departmental council.

Concession of a network of 1,200 electric charging stations for VINCI

08/09/2020 - News update - France
Easy Charge, a subsidiary of VINCI Autoroutes and VINCI Energies specialised in electric mobility, and the Fund for the Ecological Modernisation of Transport have recently been awarded the public service concession (financing, design-construction and operation) of the eborn electric charging stations for a period of eight years.

New bus station in Ouagadougou

01/09/2020 - News update - Burkina Faso
In Burkino Faso, the teams from Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction International Network) have recently delivered the project to restore and extend the new bus station in the capital.

August 2020

The RN141, a road made from 70% recycled materials

31/08/2020 - News update - France
The national road set to improve mobility between Angoulême et Cognac, inaugurated in Charente on 24 July, has one defining feature – 70% of its asphalt is recycled! This is a very high percentage compared to the average of 20%-30% for road works in France. Eurovia Grands Travaux and Eurovia Angoulême managed this project, which harnessed the circular economy.

Automated production of solar panels for satellites

25/08/2020 - News update - France
Actemium Toulouse Robotique & Automation (VINCI Energies) is helping Thales Alenia Space set up a factory to automatically manufacture solar panels for satellites.

Opening new retail areas at the airport in Osaka (Japan)

05/08/2020 - News update - Japan
New retail areas will open in the North and South terminals at Osaka International Airport (VINCI Airports/VINCI Concessions) this 5 August, after four years of works.

Refurbishing France’s Natural History Museum, in Paris

04/08/2020 - News update - France
Degaine (VINCI Construction France), is renovating the envelope of the palaeontology gallery at the Natural History Museum in Paris’s 5th arrondissement.

Audio visits on the Moscow – Saint-Petersburg highway

03/08/2020 - News update - Russian Federation
VINCI Highways (VINCI Concessions) is providing a series of free audio guides via a mobile app – On our way – on the M11 motorway connecting Moscow and Saint-Petersburg.

July 2020

L’archipel in full swing

27/07/2020 - News update - France
In Nanterre, West of Paris, on the site of the future VINCI head office, a project that involves VINCI Construction France, VINCI Energies and VINCI Immobilier, the introduction of specific hygiene measures has made it possible to get over 650 workers back on site as they currently focus on the structural work, architectural trades, technical packages and installing the facades.

Raising platform levels in Gisors

24/07/2020 - News update - France
In Normandy, on behalf of SNCF Réseau, VINCI Construction Terrassement has increased the height of 1,200 lm of platforms; work involving temporarily stopping rail traffic was often carried out at night, by 50 workers.

Motorway renovation works continue

24/07/2020 - News update - Germany
VINCI Highways (VINCI Concessions), concessionaire of the Via Niedersachsen motorway (A7-2) in Lower Saxony, opened a further 5 km-long section to traffic on 7 June 2020.

Installation of a steel bridge in Vrañany

24/07/2020 - News update - Czech Republic
On 22 April, a steel bridge was installed in Vrañany, in Central Bohemia.

New wastewater collector in Chokier

24/07/2020 - News update - Belgium
The intercommunal drainage and wastewater association in the province of Liege (AIDE) has awarded Bessac (Soletanche Freyssinet/VINCI Construction), in a joint venture with a Belgian partner, the construction of a wastewater collector in the commune of Flemalle, near Liege.

Launch of two road projects

24/07/2020 - News update - Latvia
In May, in the west of the country, teams from Saldus Celinieks (Eurovia) began renovation works on a section a little over 3 km long of the A9 – the national highway linking Riga to Liepaja, on the coast – and on a section some 12 km in length of the P96 road linking Puri to Grivaiši via Auce.

Reinforcing the dunes of the south beach in Soulac-sur-Mer

24/07/2020 - News update - France
The Nord-Médoc coast (west of France) is bordered by sandy dunes which are constantly being eroded by the ocean swell.

Renewing the IT infrastructure at the Institut de cancérologie de Lorraine (ICL)

24/07/2020 - News update - France
Axians Cloud Builder Est (VINCI Energies France), a partner of the Lorraine Cancerology Institute for some ten years, has now, thanks to a major pre-sales effort, been awarded the project to renew its IT infrastructure, rationalising and simplifying it around a single Dell storage technology.

Equipping the InnovOcean campus in Ostend

24/07/2020 - News update - Belgium
Cegelec Belgium (VINCI Energies Europe West) is supplying the electrical, plumbing and climate engineering installations of the InnovOcean complex (8,650 m2), the new campus of the Flanders Marine Institute and the Research Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries.

Reintroducing the great hamsters of Alsace into their natural environment

24/07/2020 - News update - France
VINCI Autoroutes has committed itself to preserving the great hamsters of Alsace, a protected species, as part of the compensatory measures associated with the construction of the A355 motorway that will bypass Strasbourg, in particular through a breeding programme and their reintroduction into their natural habitat.

Renovation of a runway at Lakeland Linder airport in Florida

14/07/2020 - News update - United States of America
Hubbard Construction (Eurovia) completed the second phase of the project to renovate one of the two runways at Lakeland Linder airport, located alongside the I-4 highway, halfway between Tampa and Orlando.

Building infrastructure for a wind farm

13/07/2020 - News update - France
Ecol Delta has awarded Omexom RE Wind (VINCI Energies International & Systems) the project to build infrastructure for the Luplanté wind farm in Eure-et-Loir.

Kansai Airports working to eliminate plastic on site

13/07/2020 - News update - Japan
In line with the comprehensive environmental strategy AirPact pursued by VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions), Kansai Airports has recently put in place a new initiative to reduce the use of plastic and raise awareness among passengers about its impact on the environment.

La Manufacture de la mode in fine style

06/07/2020 - News update - France
Méditerranée Préfabrication (VINCI Construction France) finalised the installation of 231 modules of Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) that form the white exoskeleton of the Manufacture de la mode in Aubervilliers, north of Paris, after just seven months of work.

Submarine electricity interconnection in Crete

06/07/2020 - News update - Greece
Omexom (VINCI Energies) is currently working on building a section of the electricity line between Crete and Peloponnese and in particular laying 15 km of submarine cable to connect the Chania substation (in north west Crete) with the landing point.

June 2020

An intelligent transport system in Poland

30/06/2020 - News update - Poland
Tychy EuroviaToday, the city of Tychy in Silesia, Poland is an industrial centre of automotive manufacturing — but tomorrow, it will be an urban centre with cutting-edge traffic management technology.

Using an app to assess hygiene measures at Lisbon airport

30/06/2020 - News update - Portugal
LisbonAfter rolling out an autonomous robot that uses UV light to disinfect, VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) has introduced an app at Lisbon airport. Passengers can now give their feedback regarding the hygiene measures in place in real time, using 146 QR codes at 43 different points throughout the airport.

Providing hands-on experience to students on HS2 project

26/06/2020 - News update - United Kingdom
Thanks to a partnership between Walsall College and Balfour Beatty VINCI, HS2’s joint venture construction partner for the West Midlands section of the railway, groups of students will supplement their classroom education with hands-on experience at Britain’s new high speed railway.

An assessment of VINCI’s Covid-19 solidarity initiative

24/06/2020 - News update - France
An assessment of VINCI’s Covid-19 solidarity initiative Watch this video and take a look back at the exceptional support provided by the Group to help workers in the healthcare, sanitation, social and education sectors, helping those in extremely challenging or precarious situations at the time of the pandemic.

Purifying the water of an abandoned open-pit mine

23/06/2020 - News update - Czech Republic
Eurovia CS is completing the turnkey construction of a biotechnology system to purify the water at the former Kohinoor open-pit mine in the Ústí nad Labem region of the Czech Republic.

Artificial intelligence and car-sharing

23/06/2020 - News update - France
France’s new Mobility Orientation Act (LOM in French) encourages carpooling, and Cyclope.ai (VINCI Autoroutes) is developing new image processing technology that detects the number of occupants in vehicles using reserved carpooling lanes, whether they are seated in the back or front of the car, and travelling by day or night.

Leonard startups unveil their solutions

22/06/2020 - News update - France
On 4 June, five startups incubated for six months under Leonard’s SEED programme unveiled their construction, mobility, real estate and energy solutions online.

VINCI Airports mobilised for Portugal's tourism rebound

12/06/2020 - News update - Portugal
On 5th June, VINCI Airports celebrated the resumption of Portugal’s airports business in the presence of António Costa, Prime Minister of the country.

The VINCI network celebrates World Environment Day

10/06/2020 - News update - France
On World Environment Day, VINCI teams went on line to share the action and initiatives they have taken in support of the Group's environmental strategy.

Construction of an offshore wind turbine manufacturing plant in Normandy

09/06/2020 - News update - France
Siemens Gamesa has selected the joint venture led by GTM Normandie-Centre (VINCI Construction France) to build its new offshore wind turbine plant in the port of Le Havre.

Helping to renew bicycle lanes

03/06/2020 - News update - France
While complying with shielding measures, teams from Signature, the Eurovia subsidiary specialising in road signs and markings, worked in April and May to create temporary bicycle lanes throughout France in response to requests from local authorities.

“Pour une fleur avec toi”, an association founded by a VINCI employee

02/06/2020 - News update - France
“Pour une fleur avec toi” aims to brighten up daily life for people directly affected by the pandemic while helping horticulturists maintain their operations.

May 2020

New high voltage Line in Norway

27/05/2020 - News update - Norway
Omexom Norway South/East Distribution Grid (VINCI Energies) awarded by Elvia for demolishing and building of new overhead lines in the 22kV distribution grid sector. The project takes place in Halden town and Aremark area.

Fire protection for a paper mill in Germany

26/05/2020 - News update - Germany
Calanbau Brandschutzanlagen GmbH - Augsburg (VINCI Energies) was commissioned with the sprinkler protection for the new paper mill of the Palm group, one of the largest manufacturers of paper and cardboard in Europe, at their headquarters in Aalen-Neukochen.

VINCI Concessions: an information campaign to explain how to travel safely

21/05/2020 - News update
The "Protecting each other" campaign rolled out in VINCI Concessions airport and motorway networks reminds travellers of the social distancing and health rules to comply with.

Mobile disinfection cabinet on Reunion Island

20/05/2020 - News update - France

Salvador Bahia named Brazil's "most sustainable airport" in 2019

19/05/2020 - News update - Brazil
Brazil's National Civil Aviation Agency (ANAC) has recognised Salvador Bahia International Airport, managed by VINCI Airports since early 2018, as "Brazil's most sustainable aerodrome in 2019".

Rennes Bretagne airport announces that its commercial flights will restart

16/05/2020 - News update - France
Following completion of Eurovia’s renovation work on its main runway, Rennes Bretagne airport – which is owned and operated by VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) alongside the Ille et Vilaine Chamber of Commerce and Industry – celebrated the resumption of its activities this 15 May.

VINCI Energies mobilises in Morocco

15/05/2020 - News update - Morocco
Cegelec Maroc has decided to provide exceptional support for the national effort to combat the effects of the COVID-19 crisis by making a MAD 5 million (about €470,000) donation to the Special Fund for the Management of the Covid-19 Pandemic in the Kingdom of Morocco.

Electricity transmission works in Bahrein

14/05/2020 - News update - Bahrain
On April 12th, 2020, Omexom Bahrain has been awarded by LS Cable & System Ltd a part of the 400 KV cabling works for the Ras Legrain substation.

Construction of temporary hospitals in the United Kingdom

13/05/2020 - News update - United Kingdom
Since the start of the pandemic, VINCI Construction UK has successfully completed the construction of 4 temporary hospitals in Manchester, Deeside, Bangor and Preston to help with the demand for extra hospital bed capacity.

Australia: Transmission and Distribution Construction and Maintenance contract for Powercor

13/05/2020 - News update - Australia
Omexom Australia had to reassess its way of operating. The single biggest challenge during COVID-19 is how the crews and the larger work group can work safety and efficiently while social distancing and managing the additional risks associated with government requirements to minimise the transmission of the virus.

Rennes Bretagne airport reopens its main runway

11/05/2020 - News update - France
The renovation work on Rennes Bretagne airport’s main runway, which Eurovia carried out for VINCI Airports, was completed on 7 May.

Creating a temporary bicycle path on a departmental highway in the Greater Paris area

09/05/2020 - News update - France
In preparation for the lockdown easing in France, Signature (Eurovia) is working for the Seine Saint Denis department’s authorities, building a temporary bicycle path on the RD 932, the departmental highway connecting Porte de la Villette at the edge of Paris to Le Bourget via Pantin, Aubervilliers and La Courneuve.

Restarting a Eurovia production plant in the Oise

08/05/2020 - News update - France
SAR, a Eurovia subsidiary specialised in road markings, has resumed work at its plant in Agnetz, about 50 km north of Paris. It has mapped out an action plan, which was approved by its Social and Economic Committee, to resume operations.

VINCI Autoroutes and the FNSEA join forces to offer baskets of local produce to lorry drivers

07/05/2020 - News update - France
Further to the agreement signed by the two partners at the 2020 Salon de l'Agriculture (national agricultural trade show), the FNSEA, France's leading agricultural union, and VINCI Autoroutes have come together to offer truck drivers food baskets featuring local fruits and vegetables or cheeses, depending on the region.

Canada: worksite employees support a community restaurant

05/05/2020 - News update - Canada
The teams working on the extension of Ottawa’s Confederation Line, within the construction joint venture KEV (which includes Eurovia, VINCI Construction Grands Projets and Dodin Campenon Bernard), are supporting the solidarity drive at Marcie’s Café, near their offices.

Czech Republic: modernisation of the D1 motorway between Prague and Brno

04/05/2020 - News update - Czech Republic
Eurovia CS is renovating four sections (2, 7, 10 and 16) of the D1 motorway, between Prague and Brno, the Czech Republic’s two largest cities.

April 2020

Strong momentum around VINCI's Solidarity Initiative

30/04/2020 - News update - France
At the end of April, less than three weeks after it waslaunched, the Solidarity Initiative promoted by VINCI via the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité has already provided support to more than 280 national or regional non-profit organisations in France.

Resumption of work on an air base in Normandy

29/04/2020 - News update - France
After reorganising tasks and work schedules, Eurovia and VINCI Construction France crews were able to resume work last week on French air force base 105 at Évreux-Fauville.

Cameroon : Yaoundé’s projects still ongoing

29/04/2020 - News update - Cameroon
In Yaoundé, Omexom Cameroon's 30 employees working on public lighting and traffic signal maintenance projects (VINCI Energies) are currently active.

VINCI Construction France resumes operations

29/04/2020 - News update - France
VINCI Construction France is resuming work on a number of projects, such as the Cité des Sports in Issy-les-Moulineaux or line 14 North T09 of the Paris metro, ensuring safe work practices and proper prevention in compliance with current requirements.

VINCI Autoroutes partners with the Covid-19 Barometer on behaviour in France

28/04/2020 - News update - France
VINCI Autoroutes has teamed up with market research institute Ipsos on the Datacovid initiative. The initiative’s goal is to supply new, anonymous open data to scientists and public and private organisations, in order to track behaviour in France and its impact on the epidemic’s dynamics over time.

Côte d’Ivoire: commissioning of a new drinking water plant in Abidjan

27/04/2020 - News update - Ivory Coast
In Côte d’Ivoire, 60 Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction) employees, including 58 hired locally, took part in the construction of the new Saint Viateur drinking water plant in Abidjan.

Gradual resumption of work on the VINCI Autoroutes network

24/04/2020 - News update - France
A9, A10, A61, A62… motorway widening and renovation projects are gradually picking up again on the VINCI Autoroutes network. Over the past several weeks, VINCI Autoroutes' project management teams have been working in coordination with all business units, project managers and health and safety coordinators on defining rules and procedures in response to the unprecedented context of the pandemic.

A free medical remote consultation booth in a rest area of the VINCI Autoroutes network

23/04/2020 - News update - France
At the request of the French Ministry of Transport, French start-up TESSAN has installed the very first medical remote consultation booth in the Saint Rambert d'Albon rest area on the A7 highway (France).

VINCI Airports remains committed to supporting healthcare workers

23/04/2020 - News update - France
Our highly inventive teams are continuing to push great initiatives and ideas across the network.

VINCI Highways supports disadvantaged families in Colombia

23/04/2020 - News update - Colombia
In the context of the present pandemic, VINCI Highways (VINCI Concessions) is continuing its efforts to support operators in the community as well as its customers and other stakeholders.

Poland: Eight VINCI companies team up in support of hospitals

23/04/2020 - News update - Poland
“Considering the current pandemic, we just could not ignore the calls for help in combating COVID-19 issued by our medical institutions. It is important for us to show solidarity and responsibility,” explains Jakub Saloni, Managing Director of Menard Polska (Soletanche Freyssinet, VINCI Construction) in Poland.

March 2020

Introducing young people to careers in aviation

03/03/2020 - News update - United States of America
On 25 January, for the third consecutive year, Orlando Sanford International Airport (Florida), part of the VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) network since 2018, hosted an Aerospace and Aviation Day.

Energy transition initiatives rewarded in Greece

03/03/2020 - News update - Greece
In Greece, the Rion-Antirion Bridge, operated by VINCI Highways (VINCI Concessions), has won three awards for energy management initiatives introduced by the teams there.

Seismic protection for the new teaching hospital in Pointe-à-Pitre

03/03/2020 - News update - France
Following the destruction of part of the teaching hospital in Pointe-à-Pitre (Guadeloupe) by a fire, new buildings meeting international seismic protection standards are currently being erected.

Reception area in Colombia for refugees

03/03/2020 - News update - Colombia
Via 40 Express (VINCI Highways/ VINCI Concessions), concessionaire of the Bogotá-Girardot motorway in Colombia, has opened Via Esperanza, a reception area for the thousands of refugees fleeing the economic and political crisis in Venezuela.

Construction of a hydroelectric dam

03/03/2020 - News update - Madagascar
Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction), in a joint venture with SCB (Société de Construction et de Bâtiment), has been participating since April 2018 in the construction of the Farahantsana hydroelectric dam on the Ikopa River, 30 km to the north-west of the capital, Antananarivo.

February 2020

Restoring a disused railway track

24/02/2020 - News update - Uganda
As part of a consortium with Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction), ETF (Eurovia) recently signed a contract to restore 375 km of railway track linking the cities of Tororo and Gulu in Uganda.

Working towards plastic-free infrastructure

21/02/2020 - News update - France
“Ideas versus Plastic” was the first challenge organised by VINCI Concessions, worldwide, as part of its Innovate programme, aimed at deploying a culture of innovation on the ground.

Renovation works in a port in south-west France

14/02/2020 - News update - France
VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial (VINCI Construction France) and VINCI Construction Terrassement are undertaking renovation works in the port of Banyuls-sur-Mer (south-west France), in order to protect it from bad weather and to preserve local underwater biodiversity.

Extension of the Aquavallées STEP in south-east France

14/02/2020 - News update - France
In December 2019, the Aquavallées wastewater treatment plant (STEP) in Bourg-d’Oisans was inaugurated in the presence of distinguished guests, among them Lionel Beffre, prefect of the Isère department, and Jean-Pierre Barbier, president of the department.

Extending and modernising the electricity network

14/02/2020 - News update - Sweden
VINCI Energies Europe West has secured three contracts for the construction and upgrading of four 400 kV substations, located in an industrial zone in Stockholm and in the counties of Jämtland and Västernorrland, in the centre of the country.

Modernisation of an airport’s arrival area

14/02/2020 - News update - Dominican Republic
Part of the VINCI Airports network (VINCI Concessions) since 2016, Aerodom, which operates six airports in the Dominican Republic, inaugurated the first phase of the works to transform the passenger terminal at Santo Domingo Las Américas Airport on 17 December 2019.

The PACBOAT R&D project for cleaner and greener ships

04/02/2020 - News update - France
The steel cutting ceremony for the MSC Europa cruise ship provided the opportunity to publicly announce PACBOAT, a research and development project designed to contribute to Europe’s transition towards a carbon-neutral economy by 2050.

January 2020

Energy transition: a fleet of ferries to go hybrid and electric

31/01/2020 - News update - France
Sodexo Sports & Loisirs has teamed up with Barillec Marine, a subsidiary of VINCI Energies France, to step up the energy transition of its fleet of Batobus ferries.

The tunnel boring machines digging Line 14 South and Line 15 South in the Grand Paris Express programme have crossed paths

23/01/2020 - News update - France
Allison, the tunnel boring machine being used to extend the Paris metro Line 14 South, has successfully crossed over the future Line 15 South at the site of the future Villejuif Institut Gustave Roussy station, connecting the two lines.

Handover of the Saint-Gobain tower

03/01/2020 - News update - France
On 10 December, Adim Paris Île-de-France and Bateg (both VINCI Construction France) handed over the Saint-Gobain tower in La Défense, by Paris.