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New wastewater collector in Chokier

24 July 2020 - Projects update and handover - Belgium

The intercommunal drainage and wastewater association in the province of Liege (AIDE) has awarded Bessac (Soletanche Freyssinet/VINCI Construction), in a joint venture with a Belgian partner, the construction of a wastewater collector in the commune of Flemalle, near Liege.

This will intercept the wastewater of several existing networks and channel it to a pumping station and then to the Liege-Scellin wastewater treatment plant, thus preventing discharges into the Meuse.The project includes creating three shafts (6-8 m deep), piping construction (DN 1600, 1,000 lm) by microtunnelling along the Meuse, 500 m of piping in a trench (DN 400 – 800) and inspection chambers. The works start this summer and should be completed in late 2021.

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