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Be yourself!

At VINCI, you'll have many opportunities to express your creativity, your curiosity, your boldness, your ambition, your commitment.

These qualities are the fundamentals of our culture and underpin the way we carry out our business. They pay tribute to the protean genius of Leonardo da Vinci, the humanist, inventor and scientist after whom our Group is named.

They are embedded in our management model, which values autonomy and responsibility, the ability to listen and consultation with all stakeholders in our projects. They guide our actions in open and collaborative innovation and our forward-looking reflection on the challenges of tomorrow: sustainable cities, mobility, energy, environmental conservation.


Too ambitious?

At VINCI, those who want to go far can put their tenacity in the service of ambitious projects.

Discover the ambition of Ellen, Johnny, Mathieu, Mohamed, Najat, Olivia, Raphael and Sandra.


Too bold?

At VINCI, those who like to take the initiative will be able to conquer all challenges.

Discover the boldness of Adam, Bassma, Margaux, Marie and Zineb.


Too creative?

At VINCI, those who are full of new ideas will have the opportunity to make them come true.

Discover the creativity of Aude, Aurélien, Donatien, Guillaume, Lukasz, Paul, Stéphane and Tiphaine.


Too curious?

At VINCI, those who always want to know more and are thirsty for knowledge can put their open minds in the service of exciting projects.

Discover the curiosity of Camille, Caroline, Cheikh, Claire, Marc, Monique, Thomas and Xavier.


Too committed?

At VINCI, those who want to, can get involved in projects that benefit others and share that commitment every day with like-minded colleagues.

Discover the commitment of Abdellah, Benoît, Franck, Gilles, Hichem, Joël, Laury, Malcolm, Tereza and Vincent.