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Dividend per share

5 last years Dividend per share

Return on an investment in VINCI shares over 10 years

Graph Return on an investment in VINCI shares over 10 years

A VINCI shareholder who invested €1,000 on 31st December 2010 and reinvested all the dividends received in VINCI shares would have an investment of €2,836 on 31 December 2020. This represents an annual return of over 11.0%.

Dividend policy

VINCI’s Board of Directors determines dividend policy based on the Group’s performance, financial position and any other factor deemed relevant. The dividend payout ratio has averaged 50% of the Group’s consolidated net income for the past 10 years. Given the current health crisis and inherent lack of visibility, no dividend policy in respect of 2021 can be articulated at this point.

History of the dividends

History of the dividends
per share
in euros
Interim Dividend16/11/202118/11/20210.65Cash
2019Final dividend23/06/202016/07/20201.25Cash/Option of payment in VINCI shares (final dividend)
Interim Dividend05/11/201907/11/20190.79Cash
2018Final dividend23/04/201925/04/20191.92Cash
Interim Dividend06/11/20188/11/20180.75Cash
2017Final dividend24/04/201826/04/20181.76Cash
Interim Dividend07/11/20179/11/20170.69Cash
2016Final dividend25/04/201727/04/20171.47Cash
Interim Dividend08/11/201610/11/20160.63Cash
2015Final dividend26/04/201628/04/20161.27Cash
Interim Dividend10/11/201512/11/20150.57Cash
2014Final dividend27/04/201529/04/20151.22Cash
Interim Dividend11/11/201413/11/20141.00Cash (of which exceptionnal €0.45)
2013Final dividend25/04/201430/04/20141.22Cash
Interim Dividend11/11/201314/11/20130.55
2012Final dividend23/04/201322/05/20131.22Cash/Option of payment in VINCI shares (final dividend)
Interim Dividend12/11/201215/11/20120.55
2011Final dividend21/05/201224/05/20121.22Cash
Interim Dividend12/12/201115/12/20110.55
2010Final dividend06/06/201109/06/20111.15Cash
Interim Dividend13/12/201016/12/20100.52
2009Final dividend14/05/201017/06/20101.10Cash/Option of payment in VINCI shares (final dividend)
Interim Dividend14/12/200917/12/20090.52
2008Final dividend22/05/200918/06/20091.10Cash/Option of payment in VINCI shares (final dividend)
Interim Dividend15/12/200818/12/20080.52
2007Final dividend23/05/200819/06/20081.05Cash/Option of payment in VINCI shares (final dividend)
Interim Dividend17/12/200720/12/20070.47
Last updated: 30/07/2021