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Dividend policy

Since acquiring ASF in 2006, VINCI has consistently applied a policy of paying out 50% of its consolidated net income in dividends.This policy in no way represents a commitment by the company. Future dividends will depend on factors including the company's financial results, its financial position and any other factors deemed to be relevant.

Dividend per share

_ Yield (% of share price at 31.12.YY)

Return on an investment in VINCI shares over 10 years

A VINCI shareholder who invested €1,000 on 1 January 2008 and reinvested all the dividends received in VINCI shares would have an investment of €2,508 on 31 December 2017. This represents an annual return of over 9.6%.

History of the dividends

per share
in euros
Acompte sur dividende06/11/20188/11/20180.75Cash
2017Final dividend24/04/201826/04/20181.76Cash
Interim Dividend07/11/20179/11/20170.69Cash
2016Final dividend25/04/201727/04/20171.47Cash
Interim Dividend08/11/201610/11/20160.63Cash
2015Final dividend26/04/201628/04/20161.27Cash
Interim Dividend10/11/201512/11/20150.57Cash
2014Final dividend27/04/201529/04/20151.22Cash
Interim Dividend11/11/201413/11/20141.00Cash (of which exceptionnal €0.45)
2013Final dividend25/04/201430/04/20141.22Cash
Interim Dividend11/11/201314/11/20130.55
2012Final dividend23/04/201322/05/20131.22Cash/Option of payment in VINCI shares (final dividend)
Interim Dividend12/11/201215/11/20120.55
2011Final dividend21/05/201224/05/20121.22Cash
Interim Dividend12/12/201115/12/20110.55
2010Final dividend06/06/201109/06/20111.15Cash
Interim Dividend13/12/201016/12/20100.52
2009Final dividend14/05/201017/06/20101.10Cash/Option of payment in VINCI shares (final dividend)
Interim Dividend14/12/200917/12/20090.52
2008Final dividend22/05/200918/06/20091.10Cash/Option of payment in VINCI shares (final dividend)
Interim Dividend15/12/200818/12/20080.52
2007Final dividend23/05/200819/06/20081.05Cash/Option of payment in VINCI shares (final dividend)
Interim Dividend17/12/200720/12/20070.47