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Forging a sustainable world

VINCI is a world leader in concessions, energy and construction, active in nearly 120 countries. Our ambition, in response to the climate emergency, is to accelerate the transformation of living environments, infrastructure and mobility.
We also aim to foster social progress by being a humanist group that exemplifies inclusion and solidarity. Powered by our economic performance and the engagement of our 260,000 employees, we forge a more sustainable world and fully embrace our role as a private sector partner working in the public interest.

VINCI - Calendar


  • 09/02/2023 7:30 am CET
    2022 results
    Press release on February 9th, 2023 before Paris Stock Exchange opening.
  • 09/02/2023 8:30 am CET - 10:00 am CET
    Press conference - 2022 results
    8:30am - Press conference can be accessed at the following numbers:
    +33 1 7037 7166 (in French)
    +44 33 0551 0200 (in French)
    +1 786 697 3501 (in French)
    Then specify orally to the operator the code: VINCI

    Replay numbers (available 2 weeks):
    +33 1 78 40 15 17, access code 0420825# (French)
    +44 20 8196 1480, access code 0420825# (French)
  • 09/02/2023 10:30 am CET - 12:30 pm CET
    Analyst meeting - 2022 results
    10:30am - Analyst meeting can be accessed via a simultaneous conference call at the following numbers:
    +33 1 70 37 71 66 (in French), then specify orally to the operator the code: VINCI French
    +44 33 0551 0200 (in English), then specify orally to the operator the code: VINCI English
    +1 786 697 3501 (in English), then specify orally to the operator the code: VINCI English

    Replay numbers (available 2 weeks):
    +33 1 78 40 15 17 or +44 20 8196 1480
    code d'accès 9885866# (French)
    code d'accès 2292585# (English).

    Webcast link

Forging a sustainable World

Responding to the climate emergency, VINCI is acting faster to reduce its impact, transform its businesses and create innovative solutions.


in respect of 2022
Interim Dividend:
Ex date: 15 November 2022
Payment date: le 17 November 2022


The Group has learnt that the name VINCI or that of its subsidiaries VINCI Concessions, VINCI Airports, VINCI Immobilier and VINCI Energies, is being used for fraudulent purposes by individuals or organisations offering financial investments in car parks or renewable energies.
The VINCI Group does not offer any such investments. It does not sell, and has not asked or authorised any third parties to sell, this kind of product in France or anywhere else around the world.
These attempts are fake, and the VINCI Group companies are reporting them to the competent authorities whenever they come to light. If you are a victim of this fraudulent scheme, we suggest that, as soon as possible, you report the purported vendors to the competent authorities and/or report their actions on the French government website www.internet-signalement.gouv.fr, which is the official portal for reporting illegal internet content.
Please be vigilant and, if you have any doubts, feel free to contact us: Investor contacts | Shareholder contacts

Homme écran

Energy efficiency

VINCI commits to an energy-efficiency approach.

Film sur apprentissage

A project like no other in Europe

The Grand Paris project seeks to link up the entire Greater Paris region and forge new ties between inhabitants.

The VINCI Manifesto

VINCI Manifesto

Because our projects are in the public interest, we at VINCI consider that we have a duty to reach out to our public and private sector partners and to engage in dialogue with them and are publishing a new Manifesto with commitments meeting that objective.

The VINCI campaign

A force for good.

As an investor, builder and operator of buildings and infrastructure that help to improve daily life and mobility for all, VINCI plays a key role in the transformation of cities and regions.

Link to Your career at VINCI

Your career at VINCI

Your integration at VINCI will unfold in two stages: in the company then the Group.

The job vacancies

Job vacancies

Discover the jobs most suited to your profile in our companies, in France and internationally.

Become a shareholder

Become a VINCI shareholder

More than just a share

VINCI ParisTech Environment Research Lab

VINCI ParisTech Environment Research Lab

The lab recherche environnement stems from a partnership between VINCI and three ParisTech engineering schools under the aegis of the ParisTech Foundation. Since 2008, the research teams have been designing tools to reduce the environmental impact of buildings, neighbourhoods and infrastructure. VINCI projects serve as a testing ground for researchers.

Discover Leonard


We welcome entrepreneurs and creative minds from all walks of life! Here, we help you invent the services, facilities and infrastructure that will make tomorrow’s cities and territories.