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VINCI Autoroutes

VINCI Autoroutes is France’s leading motorway concession holder. The mission of its 6,000 employees is to ensure – whatever the circumstances – network maintenance and the continuity of a public motorway service, which is vital to the economy, society and regional accessibility. As it is committed to the ecological transition, VINCI Autoroutes is adapting the way it operates and transforming its infrastructure to foster new practices that help decarbonise road travel.

Key figures 2020

€4,613 M

motorway network
under concession in France
investment in 2020

works dedicated
to wildlife

Low-carbon motorways

VINCI Autoroutes has pledged to reduce its direct greenhouse gas emissions by 50% looking at 2030, by using its operations as testing grounds and to set new standards. VINCI Autoroutes is also committed to developing the infrastructure, equipment and services that shared and decarbonised mobility options need to emerge, in partnership with public- and private-sector partners in cities and regions. These include electric charging stations and hydrogen and biogas filling stations at its service areas; carpooling parks, multimodal hubs and reserved bus lanes on motorways; and digital services enabling more seamless connections between different modes of transport.

Committed to biodiversity

VINCI Autoroutes contributes to maintaining ecological continuity in natural environments, in coordination with local authorities and conservation organisations. In doing so, VINCI Autoroutes is involved in protecting common animals and plants (ordinary species) as well as uncommon ones (rare species) living near motorways.

Aiming for recycled and "zero-waste" motorways

VINCI Autoroutes is committed to implementing sustainable management strategies aimed at achieving 100% recovery rates throughout the life cycle of its infrastructure, including its daily use by millions of people.

VINCI Autoroutes motorway concessions in France

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