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VINCI Autoroutes

Investing and taking action in mobility services

As a partner to the French government and local authorities, VINCI Autoroutes serves 10 regions in France, 45 administrative departments, 14 major cities, over 100 towns with a population of more than 10,000 and thousands of rural communities located near its motorway network under concession, which measures 4,443 km. By linking regions together and promoting new uses of motorways, VINCI Autoroutes is contributing to the development of inclusive, connected and safe mobility, a catalyst for economic and social cohesion.

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2018 Key figures

4,443 km motorway network

51.1 billion km in 2017 on VINCI Autoroutes motorways

6,168 employees

Revenue: €5,356m

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VINCI Autoroutes’ competitive position

Motorway networks under concession in Europe
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Innovation and outlook

VINCI Autoroutes’ innovation policy is built around several complementary approaches. The Digital Factory, created in 2017, involves all employees in a participative innovation dynamic that fosters the digital transformation of motorway jobs and the development of new services for customers. The Ulys app, as well as new tools used by staff in charge of motorway assets and operation, came from the Digital Factory.

The internal startup Cyclope.ai, incubated in the Digital Factory and focused on research and development, analyses big data and applies artificial intelligence to motorway activities. In addition to changing the toll sector, the startup is working on new traffic analysis and incident detection systems to improve journey flow and safety. One such system was rolled out in the Toulon tunnel in 2018.

In the longer term, VINCI Autoroutes is contributing to a variety of research programmes looking at mobility of the future. Within Leonard, VINCI’s innovation platform, VINCI Autoroutes is participating in several forward-looking work groups focused on interactions between road infrastructure and autonomous vehicles (connectivity, new mobility services, autonomous shuttles, etc.). It is conducting trials on the motorway under real conditions with car manufacturer PSA. In 2018, experiments involved an autonomous vehicle crossing a works area, following the autonomous drive through a toll plaza in 2017. Lastly, as part of a consortium of major French players in the road mobility sector, VINCI Autoroutes is participating in the Evra (autonomous road vehicle trials) call for projects launched by the public authorities under the French government’s Investissements d’Avenir (investment for the future) programme.

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Concessions business revenue is expected to continue to rise in 2019.

This growth will mainly be driven by the brisk expansion of VINCI Airports. The acquisition of a majority stake in the concession company operating London Gatwick Airport – due to be finalised in the first half of 2019 – will deliver full-year revenue of approximately €800 million. This will add to the organic growth fuelled by the steady increase in traffic at the airports already in the portfolio.

For road infrastructure, VINCI Autoroutes, in France, should see traffic volume recover across its network after the one-off events at the end of 2018. VINCI Highways will continue to develop its concession projects and operation business in Europe and in the Americas. The Group’s Concessions business lines will also apply their expertise to numerous programme management projects: in France with projects under the motorway stimulus plan and motorway investment plan; in Portugal with engineering studies kicked off to extend the Lisbon airport and open a new civil airport in Montijo; in other European countries and further afield with upgrade and extension programmes scheduled for airports in Serbia, Chile and Brazil, and motorways in Germany, Russia, Canada and Colombia.

VINCI will be moving forward with its proactive development strategy, emphasising the airport and motorway segments, combined with the acquisition of new and existing concessions. The synergy between VINCI Concessions business lines (VINCI Airports, VINCI Highways, VINCI Railways), VINCI Autoroutes and the Group’s Contracting business lines will make the move into new markets smoother. Reflecting the operations that have marked our recent past, these new developments will bring a fresh dynamic to VINCI’s concession portfolio while continuing to expand its international coverage and extending its average maturity.

This is how the Concessions business lines will be able to create value, by building on their innovation strategy to maximise operational performance and develop new services for infrastructure users, while taking advantage of digital resources. For the longer term, the forward-looking approach unifying all the Group’s business lines and their partners will give rise to new economic models that will support the transformation of infrastructure and mobility practices.

Last updated: 29/05/2019