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VINCI Autoroutes

Investing and taking action in mobility services

As a partner to the French government and local authorities, VINCI Autoroutes serves 10 regions in France, 45 administrative departments, 14 major cities, over 100 towns with a population of more than 10,000 and thousands of rural communities located near its motorway network under concession, which measures 4,443 km. By linking regions together and promoting new uses of motorways, VINCI Autoroutes is contributing to the development of inclusive, connected and safe mobility, a catalyst for economic and social cohesion.

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2018 Key figures

4,443 km motorway network

51.3 billion km in 2017 on VINCI Autoroutes motorways

6,168 employees

Revenue: €5,356m

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VINCI Autoroutes’ competitive position

Motorway networks under concession in Europe
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Connectivity is becoming a key characteristic of the mobility universe. VINCI Autoroutes’ customers are now connected motorists, their cars are communicating objects, and the exchange of data in real time between vehicles, users and the motorway infrastructure is opening the way to new services. Some are already part of daily life such as driver assistance systems and these are the forerunners to future autonomous mobility developments.

This sea change is currently transforming VINCI Autoroutes’ role and business activity, converting it into a mobility services operator beyond its role as a transport infrastructure operator. Against this backdrop, VINCI Autoroutes intensified its innovation drive in 2017 by getting its teams more involved. The aim is to have all its employees take ownership of the digital revolution in the same way as its customers have. To that end, VINCI Autoroutes created the Digital Factory. Its three-stage approach – concept development, incubation and marketing – promotes strong involvement on the part of employees. The innovations coming out of the Digital Factory target both optimisation of operations in each activity sector (for example, the use of new facial recognition technologies to identify vehicle categories at the tolls more efficiently) and identification of new service ideas. Simultaneously, as part of the Tous Connectés (everyone connected) programme, VINCI Autoroutes now covers its employees’ access to mobile tools and services. The company has launched H24 applications (internal collaborative media) for them, as well as Mona Lisa in the field of human resources.

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VINCI expects its Concessions business to post further growth in 2018.

Traffic on VINCI Autoroutes’ network should continue its upward trend against an improved economic backdrop in Europe, which facilitates national and transnational trade. VINCI Airports will continue its growth, boosted by the extension of its international portfolio and sustained growth in passenger numbers. The pace of growth will, however, be less brisk than in previous years due to the high base for comparison. VINCI Highways, meanwhile, will benefit from the contribution from concession and operation contracts recently won in Europe and the Americas. Lastly, 2018 will be the first full year of operation of the South Europe Atlantic high-speed rail line in France. VINCI expects it to go on being a commercial success or become even more successful.

In programme management, the Group will be applying its expertise as an integrated concession operator-builder to a large number of projects: in France, where the motorway stimulus plan projects make VINCI Autoroutes one of the country’s main programme managers of public works; outside France, with the works programmes associated with the airport concession in Chile and motorway concessions in Germany, Russia, Canada, Colombia and Peru.

VINCI will continue its proactive business development strategy, taking over existing concessions in the airport and motorway sectors, as well as acquiring new concessions. The skills sharing and mobility within the VINCI Concessions divisions (VINCI Airports, VINCI Highways, VINCI Railways) and with VINCI Autoroutes will facilitate the approach to new markets. That approach will also benefit from synergies with Contracting business lines and their networks, which operate all over the world. In line with the Group’s unwavering policy, these developments will help replenish the concession portfolio by expanding its international footprint and extending its average maturity.

New avenues for creating value will be opened up through innovation. Innovation policies will optimise the operational performance of each business line and identify new services for infrastructure users, focusing in particular on connected mobility and the journey experience. In the longer term, the Group-wide innovation approach will reveal new business models, associated with the profound transformation in infrastructure and mobility practices.

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