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VINCI Autoroutes

VINCI Autoroutes operates the biggest motorway network under concession in Europe (4,422 km). It works as a long-term partner of the French government, the concession grantor, investing to make its regional development policies a reality. About 2 million customers use the VINCI Autoroutes network every day.

Working as a long-term partner of the French government as concession grantor to make its regional development policies a reality, VINCI Autoroutes is investing nearly €2 billion in the motorway stimulus plan launched in 2015. In addition, from 2017, it will be implementing a €432 million motorway investment programme in partnership with the relevant local authorities. These investments will primarily go into improving mobility in urban and suburban areas.

The performance of motorway concessions in France improved further in 2016, driven by traffic growth and continuous efforts to upgrade operations.
With investments under the motorway stimulus plan on top of those included in the concession companies’ master plans, VINCI Autoroutes is one of France’s biggest construction and civil engineering contracting firms.

2017 Key figures


Cash flow from operations:

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6,309 employees

VINCI Autoroutes’ competitive position

Motorway networks under concession in Europe
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Both light- and heavy-vehicle traffic is expected to continue to increase on VINCI Autoroutes’ network.

2017 will be a very busy year in terms of programme management: programmes include the construction of the western Strasbourg bypass and the multitude of projects under the motorway stimulus plan that was launched in August 2015.

In all the concession businesses, the innovation policy, which is geared to new digital resources, will support the ongoing development of services by devising smartphone applications that facilitate mobility and enhance the user experience.