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Responding to the urgent need to tackle climate change, VINCI is taking action to address environmental issues and be a driving force in the ecological transition of buildings, infrastructure and mobility.
The challenge that the Group is rising to, and embarking its 217,000 employees on, is to intertwine its near-term commitments with its long-term trajectory. And it is doing this with an all-new initiative to spur progress: the Environment Awards.

This new event, which kicked off on VINCI's Environment Day in September 2020, will reward the best initiatives submitted by employees in the field around the world. The most pioneering initiatives and the ones that have the greatest impact on the environment will be enhanced and replicated with a view to reducing the environmental footprint from the Group's activities and fast-tracking the development of concrete environmental solutions for its customers.

The Environment Awards campaign blends seamlessly into the Group's environmental ambition and is structured around the same three focus areas:
- acting for the climate,
- optimising resources thanks to the circular economy,
- preserving natural environments.

It is more than an in-house competition: it is the Group's way of giving its employees the keys to play an active role in VINCI's environmental transformation.

countries on board around the world

correspondents supporting the campaign
employees involved

initiatives from employees worldwide

Promoting grassroots initiatives is essential to foster company-wide buy-in around the top priorities.

Thanks to the Environment Awards, training in environmental issues has reached more people and more diverse audiences. Employees are seeing their innovation potential and their ability to take initiative grow: they are the ones who make a difference on the ground by creating environmental value in the projects and services that they offer stakeholders (users, infrastructure assets, customers, partners, subcontractors, suppliers, etc.).

Last updated: 03/06/2021