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A show of solidarity for communities in Colombia

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9 December 2020 - All committed! - Colombia

The management of the Bogotá—Girardot highway in Colombia by teams at VIA 40 Express (a VINCI Highways/VINCI Concessions subsidiary) goes hand in hand with initiatives assisting the local economy and social fabric.

Encouraging the socio-professional reinsertion of former FARC fighters

A circular economy and solidarity programme was recently put in place to support the socio‑professional reinsertion of 22 former FARC* fighters with the Colombian National Infrastructure Agency and the Colombian Agency for Reincorporation and Normalization.

The project involves taking used clothing to make over 1,000 different new objects such as bags and pencil cases that are then given to local communities.
The participants have also distributed 1,000 masks to combat the Covid‑19 pandemic as part of the Via Esperanza humanitarian programme.

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Assistance for refugees from Venezuela

Set up at the start of 2020 by employees of VIA 40 Express in collaboration with the Colombian Red Cross, Via Esperanza works to help the thousands of refugees in Venezuela that walk along a section of the motorway every month as they flee the economic and political crisis in their country.
They have provided a site where the refugees can rest, get water, and receive advice and helpful information.
The humanitarian aid site – also supported by the International Organization for Migration – is yet another example of VINCI’s commitment to improving daily life for people in the regions where its teams operate.

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* The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia – People’s Army, generally known as FARC or FARC‑EP, was the main communist guerrilla group involved in the Colombian conflict

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