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Installation of a steel bridge in Vrañany

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24 July 2020 - Projects update and handover - Czech Republic

On 22 April, a steel bridge was installed in Vrañany, in Central Bohemia.

The project is part of a programme to heighten all bridges over the Vltava River in order to allow the development of navigation as an ecological means of transport. The construction method used was quite unique. OK Třebestovice (Eurovia CS) manufactured a steel girder bridge (length: 24 m; width: 6.7 m; height: 4.5 m including the arch; weight: 64 t), which was transported, in parts, to the village of Staré Ouholice, assembled there and then loaded on a boat which took it to Vrañany, where it was installed using a special crane. The works were carried out by Strabag Rail and Eurovia CS, the operation taking just a day. The traditional method, involving the parts being stored on site prior to assembly, would have taken several months. Before commissioning, scheduled for early summer, the signage and railings still had to be installed, and the bridge connected to the road.

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