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Social media

Why VINCI is on the social networks

VINCI is a global player in concessions and construction. Because we design, finance, build and operate infrastructure and equipment that helps improve your daily life and mobility, it is natural for us to maintain our connection with each stakeholder. We believe that listening and dialogue are among the essential conditions for exercising our activity. The social networks are effective tools for engaging in conversation with you, the stakeholders, partners and users of our infrastructure. Every day on the social networks we talk about who we are, what we do and how we can work together to invent the services you need to make your cities and regions good places to live.

We are primarily active on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Viméo whose editorial lines are described below. VINCI is a decentralised group that contains numerous subsidiaries, which also maintain their own presence on the social networks. The following address shows you all the social media links « Social Media » of the Group's different entities.

VINCI's corporate social networks

Twitter / X

Twitter / X is VINCI's news thread and our space for instant exchanges with you. It is on this network that we take the pulse of innovation in our sectors and are informed, in real time, about your expectations, which we try to respond to as well as we can in the shortest possible time. Our tweets bring together the latest news from subsidiaries, live follow-up of our main events and a selection of press articles around our activities. Follow the Group's international news flow by subscribing to our accounts:

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On Facebook, we have chosen to broaden our conversation with the general public, our employees, representatives of industry and civil society around our news flow and our history as a private player serving the public interest. Every day, you can find photos and videos of worksites and projects under way, the infrastructure we operate, and the big past achievements and highlights of VINCI's history. It is also here that you can ask all your questions and share your impressions, by posting comments or private messages.

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On LinkedIn, we seek to give our subscribers information about the diversity of projects under way, the infrastructure we operate and new contracts – but also about our expertise and future outlook. On LinkedIn, you are informed about the jobs available in the different VINCI companies. It is also a place for exchanges around VINCI's specific corporate culture, which is grounded in the autonomy and responsibility of our employees.

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You will find all the Group's videos on Vimeo. It's our "social media library" which you can share with other people! Don't hesitate to post your comments and judgments – we are always happy to know your opinion, which is valuable to us.

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They enjoy working with us! Discover on YouTube all our employees’ portrait around the world and share their daily life in video. You want to join VINCI? Visit our “Careers” pages!

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VINCI Group Social Media

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