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Whistleblowing procedure

What it is

As part of its mechanism to prevent and detect acts of corruption, as well as its vigilance plan to prevent risks associated with human rights and basic freedoms, human health and safety and the environment, and more generally as a measure to ensure proper implementation of its Code of Ethics and Conduct, the VINCI Group has set up a system to gather and process reports, whereby any physical person may securely and confidentially submit suspicions relating to the VINCI Group’s, its subcontractors’ and its suppliers’ activities inside and outside France.

Who is it for?

The following individuals may use the whistleblowing system:
- employees of VINCI Group companies
- external employees or occasional employees of VINCI Group companies (such as temporary workers, employees of sub-contractors, suppliers and service providers, etc.)
- individual stakeholders in projects (for topics related to environmental and social duty of care)

How does it work?

You can use the whistleblowing system (if one exists) of the relevant local entity

Last updated: 14/11/2023