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Strong momentum around VINCI's Solidarity Initiative

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30 April 2020 - All committed! - France

At the end of April, less than three weeks after it waslaunched, the Solidarity Initiative promoted by VINCI via the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité has already provided support to more than 280 national or regional non-profit organisations in France.

90% of the funds set aside for France have alreadybeen committed. Both regional business units and employees have rallied in support of the Initiative: 3,000 employees visited the VINCI Solidarity platform in just a few days, and 120 have taken part in citizen-led projects, working with some 40 organisations altogether. Momentum is also growing abroad, where funds allocated to the Solidarity initiative are supporting projects carried out by the Group's foundations in various countries. In Belgium, for example, the VINCI Belgium Fund has already supported 36 projects, all of which are being sponsored by VINCI employees.

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