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Key figures 2020

€235 M

of motorways, bridges,
tunnels and urban roads
4 stadiums
including the Stade de France



VINCI Highways

VINCI Highways designs, builds, finances and operates almost 3,800 km of motorways, bridges, tunnels and urban roads in 13 countries.

VINCI Railways

VINCI Railways manages France’s second-most used rail line, the South Europe Atlantic high-speed line, built by the Group, and the GSM-Rail telecommunications system, which covers 16,000 km of track in the national rail network.

VINCI Stadium

VINCI Stadium manages a network of four stadiums built by the Group in France: the Stade de France in Saint-Denis, the Matmut Atlantique in Bordeaux, the Allianz Riviera in Nice and the MMArena in Le Mans.

Last updated: 17/05/2021