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Films of the year

2023 Film of the year

2023 business card movie


2007: "The Human Bridge"

VINCI's Human Bridge campaign illustrated the Group's commitment to serving the public interest and its determination to develop its projects for and with people.

2000: "The Mona Lisa"

This campaign was carried out to mark the birth of the VINCI brand. It offers an imaginary voyage to the heart of Leonardo Da VINCI's masterpiece and explores the Group's business lines.

Films on a variety of topics

"How VINCI became VINCI"

The Group has of course changed a lot since it was founded back in the XIXth century, but its two large business lines, concessions and contracting, have been around since the beginning. This movie is an invitation to discover the history of VINCI.

You will enjoy working with us

Be yourself! At VINCI you don't have to fit into a mould – your personality will enrich our companies.

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