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L’archipel in full swing

27 July 2020 - Projects update and handover - France

In Nanterre, West of Paris, on the site of the future VINCI head office, a project that involves VINCI Construction France, VINCI Energies and VINCI Immobilier, the introduction of specific hygiene measures has made it possible to get over 650 workers back on site as they currently focus on the structural work, architectural trades, technical packages and installing the facades.

While the archipel’s first building (A) is already wind-tight, the technical packages are starting to be executed, as the plumbing, electricity, ventilation and heating networks are being installed.  On the four other buildings, the facades are being fitted on the B1 and B2 buildings, the structural work is being finalised on building C, which is currently six floors high (of the projected eight), while building D has currently reached ground floor level, marking the end of the infrastructure work.

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