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VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies is fast-tracking the rollout of new technologies to support two major shifts: energy transition and digital transformation. With their strong regional roots, agile organisational structure and innovation drive, its 1,800 business units across 55 countries are making buildings, factories, energy, transport and communication infrastructure and information systems more reliable, safer, more efficient and more sustainable day after day.

Key figures 2020

€13,661 M

€773 M
operating income
from ordinary activities
€378 M
net income attributable
to owners of the parent
business units


Supporting the energy transition in power and transport infrastructure

VINCI Energies is active throughout the smart technology value chain, from smart grids to smart cities, and provides turnkey solutions for projects involving electricity supply, transport infrastructure and urban facilities.

Contributing to continuous improvement in industrial efficiency

Operating across all major production sectors, VINCI Energies designs and delivers customised services and solutions addressing the technological shifts at work in the industrial world. VINCI Energies supports its customers worldwide by engineering, building and maintaining their equipment. Optimising production processes and energy consumption are two key factors enabling manufacturers to step up their efficiency.

Making buildings more sustainable and smarter

VINCI Energies' all-round solutions make buildings more energy-efficient, more comfortable and safer, meet the most stringent standards, and integrate the latest breakthroughs in connected building technology.

Active at the core of digital transformation

VINCI Energies covers a wide spectrum of expertise in information and communication technologies, encompassing application solutions, cloud technology and data centres, enterprise networks and collaborative solutions, and telecoms infrastructure.

Last updated: 17/05/2021