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VINCI Energies

VINCI Energies is fast-tracking the ecological transition by supporting two major shifts: digital transformation and the energy transition. Keeping pace with its markets, it integrates bespoke multi-technical solutions and services to help its customers roll out technologies, from design to implementation, operation and maintenance. With their strong regional roots, agile organisational structure and innovative drive, its 1,800 business units operating in 57 countries are at the heart of their customers’ energy choices, infrastructure and processes, helping to make them more reliable, safer, more efficient and more sustainable day after day.

Key figures 2021

€15,097 M
Operations in
57 countries
business units

Operating transport and energy infrastructure equipment from design through to operation

VINCI Energies helps electricity producers, transmission and distribution system operators and local and regional authorities fulfil the promise of the energy transition by fostering access to electricity, ensuring secure supply and developing sustainable energy.

Working with industrial clients to make their industrial plant and equipment more productive and their processes more efficient and to reduce their energy consumption

VINCI Energies leverages its expertise in areas such as electrical and thermal engineering, automation, industrial data processing and mechanical engineering to support its industrial clients. As an integrator, its business units focus on enhancing their clients’ competitive advantage by using innovative solutions – such as robotisation, digital twins, augmented reality or virtual reality applications – to constantly improve a plant’s overall efficiency.

Combining energy efficiency and technological progress to make buildings smarter and more sustainable and efficient

VINCI Energies' Building Solutions network operates throughout the building life cycle, combining engineering and works such as multi-technical maintenance and end-user services as part of facility management. The business units deliver design, installation, operation and renovation services for all types of buildings to create and maintain sites that are more sustainable, efficient, comfortable, safe and scalable.

Supporting businesses and organisations in their digital transformation process

VINCI Energies operates at the heart of the digital transformation to help businesses and organisations meet the challenges of this shift and to deliver customised, open, innovative, scalable and sustainable solutions to support their clients. From installing infrastructure to managing data, its technology teams deliver a broad range of expertise covering the entire data life cycle: collection, transmission, storage, processing, analysis, sharing and protection.

Last updated: 05/04/2022