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VINCI Energies

In a constantly changing world, VINCI Energies focuses on connections, performance, energy efficiency and data to fast-track the rollout of new technologies and support two major changes: digital transformation and the energy transition. With their strong regional roots, agile organisational structure and innovative drive, VINCI Energies’ 1,800 business units in 56 countries are making energy, transport and communication infrastructure, factories, buildings and information systems more reliable, safer, more efficient and greener day after day.

2019 Key figures

1,800 companies

55 countries, 31 of them outside Europe

82,260 employees

Revenue: €13,749m


Revenue in this segment totalled €3.9 billion (up 15%) in 2019. In energy infrastructure, VINCI Energies continued to grow in markets driven by the energy transition, renewable energies and smart grids. Under the Omexom brand, which specialises in this area, VINCI Energies now operates in 36 countries worldwide.


Activity in this sector continued to grow (6% to €3.9 billion), driven by acquisitions during the year (12 companies joined the Actemium network, which now operates in 40 countries) and upward trends in all industrial markets.
VINCI Energies combines solutions and services suited to each production process, delivered by specialist subsidiaries, with multi-technical and multi-site solutions, delivered by Actemium business units. This approach promotes optimal market coverage, whether that involves working with high-volume customers on their various sites around the world, or increasing core business activity by forging close relationships with customers in each local market or industrial site, for example to provide maintenance services on their installations.

Building Solutions

VINCI Energies develops integrated solutions combining engineering and works with maintenance and operations to cover the entire building life cycle. In 2019, this activity increased by 8% to €3.5 billion, driven by strong demand and external growth. Following the acquisition of Wah Loon Engineering in Singapore in 2018, international expansion continued with the takeover of Bosman Bedrijven in the Netherlands.
In France, several recent acquisitions have further enriched VINCI Energies’ expertise in its core businesses (electrical and HVAC engineering) as well as niche specialities (connected building solutions and office development).


VINCI Energies’ ICT activity increased again in 2019 (6% to €2.4 billion) as a result of strong external growth. Twelve new business units, representing full year revenue of €260 million, joined its dedicated Axians brand network, boosting its expertise in areas such as telecommunications infrastructure, cybersecurity and data analytics. Over the past three years, acquisitions have generated additional revenue of €600 million in this activity. VINCI Energies is now a major European player in ICT, operating in 23 countries, with 66% of its activity outside France. The sector offers numerous opportunities for further growth, through consolidation and the emergence of new solutions and services.

VINCI Energies’ competitive position


VINCI Energies is the leader in a fragmented market in which the top six players account for only around 50% of the market. Its main competitors are Engie Energie Services, Spie, Eiffage Énergie, Bouygues Energies & Services and Snef.


VINCI Energies is a leading electrical engineering and installation company. It ranks among the top players in Germany, where it has a strong position (revenue of over €2 billion in 2019), Switzerland, Scandinavia (Sweden, Finland and Norway), Belgium, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal and Romania. In the information and communication technologies sector, VINCI Energies operates mainly in France, Germany, Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Italy, Sweden, United Kingdom, Belgium, Austria and Poland.

Outside Europe

VINCI Energies operates in Africa, where it is market leader in Morocco. It also operates in the Middle East, Asia and South America. VINCI Energies has a solid foothold in New Zealand and Australia. With the acquisition of PrimeLine Utility Services, VINCI Energies established a significant position in power transmission and distribution in the United States at the beginning of 2018.


The order books at end-2019 suggest further organic activity growth in 2020, and recent acquisitions will boost that growth. Leveraging its management model and integration expertise, VINCI Energies will continue its policy of profitable, long-term growth. The objective is to optimise coverage of its markets in Europe and the rest of the world, while also expanding its expertise in each of its business activities. This will step up VINCI Energies’ ability to implement solutions that are both local and global, and tailored to its customers’ needs, by interlinking its 1,800 business units and brand networks.

In all its markets, VINCI Energies will gain from buoyant long-term trends that are already reflected in its range of solutions and services and its projects.

In energy infrastructure, diversification in power production methods and the growing prominence of renewable energies will require reconfiguration of existing equipment in developed countries, while emerging countries will push ahead with their programmes to expand access to electricity. The energy transition will also gain ground in industrial and other buildings, as they strive to shrink their carbon footprint with solutions that combine economic with environmental performance.

At the same time, advances in digital technologies (artificial intelligence, new data analysis and processing tools, 5G rollout, etc.) will drive continuous transformation of energy, transport and communication networks, and of industrial processes, workplaces and urban spaces.

VINCI Energies has long been committed to the energy transition and digital transformation, and has the ability to respond, on a large scale, to growing demand from its customers and the wider community regarding environmental protection. VINCI Energies will step up its position as a technology integrator with the capacity to implement the most efficient and sustainable solutions.

Last updated: 02/03/2020