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A new HQ for the Le Monde newspaper

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5 November 2020 - Events - France

Le Monde has moved into new premises in the 13th arrondissement of Paris, alongside Austerlitz railway station.

Since July 2017, teams from EJL Île-de-France Vitry (Eurovia) have been working on the areas outside the building. All its utility networks (sanitation, drinking water, electricity, fire) have been installed in tunnels. The slab has been made watertight. And, finally, concrete, with a pumice finish, was poured to form the forecourt; the installation of a variety of features (cast-in-place pumice concrete benches, slot gutters, guide paths for the visually impaired, etc.) provided the finishing touches. All the construction design work was carried out using BIM technology. The works were completed in July 2020, just as employees began moving into the building.

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