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January 2023

VINCI Concessions and Hype form a strategic partnership to accelerate hydrogen mobility

23/01/2023 - News update - France
• VINCI Concessions has invested €15 million in Hype, the developer behind France’s first integrated hydrogen mobility platform.
• VINCI Energies is to work with Hype as its exclusive partner for the construction of new hydrogen production and distribution infrastructure in the Greater Paris area.
• VINCI Concessions is to work with Hype to expand its network in France and around the world.

Using a former dump for a photovoltaic power plant on Reunion Island

09/01/2023 - News update - France
Omexom ENR Sud-Ouest (VINCI Energies), in a joint venture with SBIPB and Profil du Futur (ArcelorMittal), is to build a 4.6 MWc photovoltaic power plant in Rivière des Galets for EDF Renouvelables.

Work starts on the Sambangalou hydroelectric dam

09/01/2023 - News update - Senegal
A 108 m-high reservoir with a capacity of 4 billion m3 and an installed capacity of 128 MW: these are the headline figures for the future dam being erected by VINCI Construction Grands Projets and VINCI Construction Terrassement Grands Projets near Kédougou, in the south of Senegal, which will produce renewable energy and irrigate 90,000 hectares of agricultural land downstream.

Eco-design and construction of the Anne-de-Bretagne Bridge

09/01/2023 - News update - France
The Nantes Metropolis has awarded a joint venture composed of GTM Ouest, leader, and, notably, Dodin Campenon Bernard, Freyssinet, Botte Fondations and Eurovia’s Nantes office (all VINCI Construction) and Citeos (VINCI Energies) the design-build contract for the Anne-de-Bretagne Bridge over the Loire River.

Increasing the majority stake in the Rion-Antirion Bridge concession

06/01/2023 - News update - Greece
VINCI Concessions has finalised a transaction enabling it to increase its majority stake in Gefyra (from 57.5% to 72.3%) and Gefyra Litourgia (from 55.3% to 70.5%), respectively the concessionaire and the operating company of the Rion-Antirion Bridge (Charilaos Trikoupis) in Greece.

Development of photovoltaic parks along the motorway in France

06/01/2023 - News update - France
The photovoltaic projects of Solarvia (VINCI Autoroutes) are taking shape.

In Benin, Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction) is currently rehabilitating 148.6 km of the interstate highway to Niger, between Gogounou and Kandi.

06/01/2023 - News update - Benin
Once completed, this road will facilitate trade between the port of Cotonou and Niger, and the transporting of cereal crops to processing plants. It will also improve links between the communes passed through by the project.

Inauguration of Line b of the metro in Rennes

03/01/2023 - News update - France
Twenty years after the opening of the first line, Line b of the Rennes metro became operational on September 2022.

Innovative resurfacing programme at London Gatwick Airport

03/01/2023 - News update - United Kingdom
In the UK, London Gatwick Airport (VINCI Airports/VINCI Concessions) recently completed an innovative resurfacing programme on its main runway in half the time and at half the cost compared with using traditional resurfacing methods.

Pouring low-carbon concrete at Ouagadougou-Donsin Airport

03/01/2023 - News update - Burkina Faso
Sogea-Satom Burkina Faso (VINCI Construction) is currently carrying out infrastructure, drainage and airfield lighting works for the country’s future hub airport.

Inauguration of a centre dedicated to the environment

03/01/2023 - News update - Brazil
In September last year, Salvador Bahia Airport (VINCI Airports/ VINCI Concessions) inaugurated its first complex dedicated to sustainable development.

VINCI Concessions a partner of the AZEA

03/01/2023 - News update - France
VINCI Concessions has joined the Alliance for Zero Emission Aviation (AZEA), created in June 2022 by the European Commission.