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Analysts and consensus

Analysts’ Target Price

Target Price (median): €95

Median: €95
Maximum: €109
Minimum: €74

Source: Target Prices of 28 analysts as of 28/02/2019

Analysts’ recommendations

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Source: recommendations of 28 analysts as of 28/02/2019

For the years 2019 and 2020

(in € millions)20192020
EBIT3 5,3795,734
Recurring net income attributable to owners of the parent3,2633,603

1 Revenue excluding concession subsidiaries’ revenue derived from works by non-Group companies
2 Earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization
3 Operating income from ordinary activities

Source: Forecasts from 28 analysts as of 28/02/2019

Analyst coverage

AlphaValue - Brunotte, Felix
Banco Sabadell - Rodríguez Rouco, Óscar
Barclays - Ahmed, Nabil
Bank of America Merrill Lynch - Wojtal, Marcin
Bryan Garnier – Lemarié, Eric
CFRA – Firdaus, Ibrahim
Citi - Jenny Ping
CM-CIC - Lefèvre-Moulenq, Jean-Christophe
Crédit Suisse – Gilles, Vincent
Deutsche Bank - Marchand, Xavier
Exane BNP Paribas - Joynson, Robert
Goldman Sachs - Creuset, Patrick
HSBC - Bosset, Pierre
Insight - Crimes, Robert

JP Morgan Cazenove - Rall, Elodie
Kempen - Maynadier, Charles
Kepler Cheuvreux - Pujal, Josep
LBBW - Münstermann, Jens
Macquarie - Peters, Olivia
Mediobanca - Farah, Jean
Morgan Stanley - Mora, Nicolas
Morning Star - Hales, Rob
Oddo Securities - Rousseau, Virginie
Mainfirst – Boudokhane, Mehdi
RBC - D’Ath, Stéphanie
Santander - Carelli, Vittorio
Société Générale – Acitores, Victor
UBS - Kuglitsch, Gregor

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