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Guaranteeing Safety

Due to the nature of its business activities, guaranteeing optimal safety for its employees is a key issue for VINCI. Achieving zero accidents remains the Group’s priority in this area. Reiterated in VINCI’s Manifesto, the goal applies to all individuals – employees, temporary staff or subcontractors – working on a VINCI worksite or site under operation.

VINCI employee health and safety

Measures and action:

  • • Policy, mechanisms, in-house audit programmes specifically relating to health and safety;
  • • Safety initiatives including awareness campaigns, e-learning, training and support for employees;
  • • Alert and whistleblowing mechanisms;
  • • A network of employees working on health and safety, Safety pivot clubs and in-house collaborative platforms; 
  • • Involving company managers;
  • • Creation of Trajeo’h to redeploy employees who suffered workplace accidents or occupational illnesses;
  • • Action to prevent psychosocial risks;
  • • Collective agreements on health and safety;
  • • Continuous certification processes underway in the Group;
  • • Proactive approach to emerging risks in the Group’s trades and innovation in health and safety

Health and safety of temporary staff

Measures and action:

  • • Systems to ensure safety including awareness raising campaigns, training and assessments;
  • • Framework agreements with temporary employment agencies;
  • • Initiatives and assessments using questionnaires and improvement plans;
  • • Alert mechanisms and processing reports.

Health and safety of subcontractors

Measures and action:

  • • Agreements between Group companies and subcontractors;
  • • Publishing and circulating Subcontractor Relations Guidelines;
  • • Measures to assess the situation of subcontractors;
  • • Other action.

Key indicators

Lost-time workplace accident frequency rate, worldwide (VINCI employees): 5.71 in 2022 (5.74 in 2021 and 6.60 in 2017) ;

Lost-time workplace accident severity rate (VINCI employees): 0.40 in 2022 (0.42 in 2021 and 0.47 in 2017) 

Percentage of Group companies with no lost-time workplace accidents: 72% in 2022 (73% in 2021 and 72% in 2017)


Lost-time workplace accident frequency rate = (number of lost-time workplace accidents x 1,000,000)/number of hours worked.
Lost-time workplace accident severity rate = (number of days lost due to workplace accidents x 1,000)/number of hours worked.

These indicators were verified with a reasonable level of assurance. Additional information is available on page 292 of 2023 VINCI Universal Registration Document

Last updated: 20/03/2023