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VINCI’s solidarity drive in Canada

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13 November 2020 - All committed! - Canada

As part of the solidarity drive it set in motion last April to push back against the health crisis, the Fondation VINCI pour la Cité has enlisted every Group entity in Canada to provide exceptional aid to local charities.

And they are all eager to help: Eurovia, via its subsidiaries BA Blacktop in British Columbia, Carmacks in Alberta and Saskatchewan, and Eurovia Québec; VINCI Energies; and VINCI Construction (Soletanche Bachy, Menard, Conetec and Sixense). They have each chosen non-profits and are working with them on a regular basis. Local organisations including food banks (in Saskatchewan, Edmonton, Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto, Fort Mc Murray and Hamilton), as well as United Way in Quebec, have received extraordinary support in their efforts to relieve health-related, social and economic hardship.

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