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Mission, vision, projects and ambition

We make it our vocation to design, finance, build and operate infrastructure and facilities that help improve daily life and mobility for all.
Because we hold a firm vision of all-round performance, above and beyond economic and financial results, we are committed to operating in an environmentally and socially responsible manner.
And because the projects we create are in the public interest, we consider that reaching out to all our stakeholders and engaging in dialogue with them is essential in the conduct of our business activities.
Driven by this ambitious vision, VINCI’s goal is to build long-term value for its customers, shareholders, employees and partners, and for society at large.

The Concessions


VINCI Concessions is Europe’s leading transport infrastructure concession operator.

It operates in the motorway, des airport, bridge and tunnel,rail and stadium sectors.

The Contracting


VINCI’s Contracting business brings together, in 3,100 business units, an unrivalled array of expertise in energy and information technology, road and rail works, and building and civil engineering. With their 192,315 employees, VINCI Energies, Eurovia and VINCI Construction

Xavier Huillard


“Our strategic priority is to push ahead with our international expansion.”

Xavier Huillard,
Chairman and CEO

The Locations


Operating in around 100 countries, VINCI wants to push forward its international development, especially in Latin America, South East Asia and Oceania, as well as in the most promising european markets.

Over 100 countries

2,200 companies

The Brand


The name VINCI pays tribute to the universal genius of Leonardo da Vinci, artist, scientist and engineer, and stands for the humanism, inventiveness and technical resourcefulness with which we identify.

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The VINCI Group: over a century of construction and services, for the greater well-being of people.

Created in 1899 by French engineers Alexandre Giros and Louis Loucheur, VINCI has become the largest company in construction and related services worldwide.

The Business model and strategy

Business model and strategy

VINCI pursues a consistent strategy based on the excellent fit between its concessions and contracting businesses.

Innovation and prospective

For several years now, VINCI has been promoting a strategy of open innovation to accelerate innovation across the entire value creation chain.

The Research and development

Research and development

VINCI's research and development policy focuses primarily on urban development, sustainable mobility, environmental responsibility, the energy performance of buildings and infrastructure and digital transition.

Annual VINCI Innovation Awards

VINCI Innovation Awards

The Innovation Awards give employees in VINCI companies the opportunity to develop their innovation potential by encouraging their initiatives, whether as individuals, in a team or in collaboration with outside partners.

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