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The RN141, a road made from 70% recycled materials

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31 August 2020 - Sustainability - France

The national road set to improve mobility between Angoulême et Cognac, inaugurated in Charente on 24 July, has one defining feature – 70% of its asphalt is recycled! This is a very high percentage compared to the average of 20%-30% for road works in France. Eurovia Grands Travaux and Eurovia Angoulême managed this project, which harnessed the circular economy.

Alongside the RN141 and other projects in Charente, 70%-recycled road surfacing has also caught on in the Charente‑Maritime and Vienne departments. Eurovia is an expert at using high percentages of recycled materials and tested out a fully recycled 1 km section of the A10 motorway a few months ago.

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