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Delivery of the NoLiStra project in Strasbourg

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9 November 2020 - Events - France

Adim Est, a subsidiary of VINCI Construction France, has delivered the final building for NoLiStra – from the French for “New Location Strasbourg” – in the east of France.

Built by Urban Dumez, another VINCI Construction France subsidiary, NoLiStra is designed to form a new district in Strasbourg, bridging the city centre and the Neudorf neighbourhood. The new multi‑purpose ensemble, designed by the LAN and TOA architect grouping and located at the heart of the Eurometropolis of Strasbourg, is made up of eight buildings that span almost 22,000 sq. metres and combine housing, offices, retail spaces and a hotel. Completed in 36 months, the project involved a number of technical challenges – such as the creation of 490 different pieces of metal formwork to build the large concrete crosses that form the façades in colours echoing Strasbourg’s typical Petite-France neighbourhood.

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