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VINCI Construction

VINCI Construction delivers buildings, structures and infrastructure that improve living environments, mobility and economic competitiveness in cities and regions. The business is now organised into three complementary pillars – networks of specialist subsidiaries (Specialty Networks), major projects and networks of local subsidiaries (Proximity Networks) – providing optimal coverage worldwide. Its teams share a same culture as builders and the same vision of sustainability, and are leveraging their capacity to engage and innovation drive to support their customers in a world navigating ecological, energy and digital transitions.

Key figures 2021

€26,282 M

Operating income
from ordinary activities

More than 75,000
projects each year



VINCI Construction builds all kinds of mobility infrastructure, applying circular economy principles to both materials production and construction works. Its expertise also covers urban development projects, energy infrastructure, water treatment and transmission infrastructure, and ecological engineering.


VINCI Construction builds civil engineering structures worldwide. Its ability to design and deliver complex turnkey projects, and its expertise covering soil technology, structures, nuclear engineering and digital technology applied to construction rank it as a standard-setter in its markets.


VINCI Construction is active in all building segments and works alongside public- and private-sector stakeholders on their answers to the challenges arising from urban development, city regeneration and community life.

Last updated: 06/04/2022