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Duty of vigilance plan

The VINCI Group presents its duty of vigilance plan, in accordance with regulations (French Law no. 2017-399 of 27 March 2017 on the duty of vigilance of parent companies and subcontracting companies), every year.

This duty of vigilance plan is designed to identify risks and prevent severe impacts on human rights and fundamental freedoms, on people’s health and safety and on the environment, resulting from the activities of the company, those of its subsidiaries or those of the subcontractors or suppliers with whom they have an established business relationship.

Duty of vigilance with regard to health and safety

As its activities carry inherent risks, VINCI has made health and safety at work a priority. The Group’s health and safety policy aims to anticipate and prevent these risks, including psychosocial risks, to ensure hygiene, health, safety and quality of life in the workplace, and to ensure the redeployment of employees who have suffered a workplace accident or illness. The Group also aims to achieve zero accidents, which applies to employees, temporary workers and external staff at VINCI worksites or sites operated by VINCI.

Duty of vigilance with regard to human rights

VINCI has made public commitments to support and protect the rights of people and local communities that may be impacted by its projects and activities. Conscious of this commitment made at the highest level of the Group, VINCI continuously develops and strengthens its procedures to assess and prevent human rights risks, while also assisting its entities to engage on the issue and find operational solutions.

Duty of vigilance with regard to the environment

VINCI companies have implemented measures and processes to avoid and reduce the environmental impact of their activity in the countries in which they operate. VINCI has introduced a new environmental ambition, which extends the environmental actions of Group companies beyond regulatory compliance. The measures to identify and prevent risks are closely tied to the operational context of companies, their activities in the region and the vulnerability of the surrounding area.

The Group’s alert mechanism and processing of reports

The Group has set up an alert system available to all stakeholders. It can be used by any concerned person to report any serious irregularities relating to the work context, and of which they have personal knowledge. This mechanism addresses all areas of concern: behaviour or a situation that infringes ethics, human rights, health and safety or the environment. Reports can be sent through multiple, complementary channels. Whatever the means used, the reports are kept strictly confidential.

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Last updated: 11/04/2023