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A zero-CO2 e-emission pile borer

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14 December 2020 - Projects update and handover - France

On a project in Paris, Bottes Fondations (VINCI Construction France) has chosen to build piles using an electric borer that releases no CO2.

This is a first in France! The rig’s technical characteristics match those of similar machines powered by a combustion engine.
The 50-tonne rig is also silent. It can build piles with 1,500 mm diameters reaching 34.5 metres deep and its wireless-charged batteries keep it running self-reliantly for 10 hours. This month, the borer is in operation at the future École Supérieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielles campus in Paris’s 5th arrondissement, where it will be building 100 foundation piles by January 2021.

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