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Management team

Executive committee

Management and co-ordination committee

Stéphane Abry
Managing Director, VINCI Construction in charge of Americas and Oceania Division

Robert Bello
Chief Operating Officer, Road France and Networks France, VINCI Construction

Jos Boers
Managing Director, VINCI Energies Europe North West

Alexandra Boutelier
Chief Executive Officer, Consortium Stade de France, VINCI Stadium

Philippe Chavent
Managing Director, VINCI Construction in charge of the Networks France Division

Julio De Almeida
Managing Director, VINCI Energies International & Systems

Hugues Fourmentraux
Chief Operating Officer, Building France and Civil Engineering France, VINCI Construction

Christian Glade
Managing Director, Infrastructure and ICT, VINCI Energies France

Gilles Godard
Chief Digital Transformation Officer, VINCI Construction

Patrick Kadri
Managing Director, Major Projects Division, VINCI Construction

Virginie Leroy
Chairman, VINCI Immobilier

Belen Marcos
Chairman, VINCI Highways; Executive Vice-President, VINCI Concessions

Sébastien Morant
Managing Director, Europe and Africa Division, VINCI Construction

Laurent Nauche
Managing Director, Civil Engineering France Division, VINCI Construction

Manuel Peltier
Managing Director, Specialty Networks Division, VINCI Construction

Eric Plumey
Managing Director, Building Solutions and Industry, VINCI Energies France

Reinhard Schlemmer
Managing Director, VINCI Energies Europe East

Patrick Sulliot
Chief Operating Officer, Proximity Networks outside Metropolitan France, VINCI Construction

Valérie Vesque-Jeancard
PChairman, VINCI Railways; Managing Director for France, South America and the Caribbean, VINCI Airports

Scott Wardrop
Managing Director, United Kingdom Division, VINCI Construction

Last updated: 06/05/2024