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Too bold?

At VINCI, those who like to take the initiative will be able to conquer all challenges.

As the world’s leading private operator in its sector, at end-2021 VINCI Airports managed a network of 53 airports across 12 countries in Europe, Asia and the Americas. Thanks to its expertise as a global integrator, it develops, finances, builds and manages airports, leveraging its investment capacity and know-how in optimising operational performance, modernising infrastructure and steering their environmental transition.

Discover the boldness of Adam

Too bold? We are constantly interacting with people from all the different countries and switching languages between French and English. That is what makes it all so interesting – every day is different.

Adam enjoys working with us.

Discover the boldness of Bassma

Too bold? I love a challenge, my work is more a passion than a job!

Bassma enjoys working with us.

Discover the boldness of Margaux

Too bold? I am lucky to have this opportunity to work on one of the largest motorway projects in France right now. In 10 years I can say I helped build this motorway!

Margaux enjoys working with us.

Discover the boldness of Marie

Too bold? I had never before worked in dismantling and I enjoy being able to adapt. This is something I will never lose - I need to regularly explore new worlds.

Marie enjoys working with us.

Discover the boldness of Zineb

Too bold? You don’t learn about substations at school! I was lucky to be thrown on the field, as soon as I arrived! VINCI showed their trust in me, and it gave me the opportunity to learn faster.

Zineb enjoys working with us.