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Acquisition of offshore wind farm specialist EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH

23 December 2020 - Acquisitions - Germany

With 30% growth every year between 2010 and 2018, offshore wind is on the rise – and by acquiring EWE Offshore Service & Solutions GmbH, VINCI Energies is set to play a key role in the development of this sustainable energy.

Based in Oldenburg, Germany, the company’s 160 employees specialise in the development, operation and maintenance of offshore wind projects and facilities.
VINCI Energies will transform EWE Offshore Service & Solutions into its offshore expertise centre, retaining all of the company’s employees as well as its locations. This strategic acquisition will enable its energy transition brand, Omexom, to expand its services by adding offshore wind. 
“With this acquisition, we are investing not only in a booming market but also in carbon-neutral energy and therefore sustainability. We have acquired a skills platform that will enable us to offer a wider range of services and extend our reach to other markets and countries. This will help us become one of the major independent providers of offshore wind,” said Frank Westphal, Managing Director of VINCI Energies Deutschland Industry & Infrastructure GmbH.

Read press release: https://www.vinci-energies.com/en/our-news/newscenter/vinci-energies-acquires-ewe-offshore-service-solutions-gmbh-a-specialist-in-offshore-wind-farms/

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