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Board of directors

Board of directors

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Xavier Huillard



Yves-Thibault de Silguy, Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, VINCI

Yannick Assouad, Chief Executive Officer, Latécoère - Lead Director, VINCI

Robert Castaigne, Former Chief Financial Officer and former member of the Executive Committee, Total

Uwe Chlebos, Director representing employees; insulation installer, G+H Isolierung GmbH

Graziella Gavezotti, Chief Operating Officer, Southern Europe and Africa, Edenred

Caroline Grégoire Sainte Marie, Supervisory or supervisory board member in several companies

Miloud Hakimi, Director representing employees; project manager, ViE SAS

Jean-Pierre Lamoure, Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Atlantic SFDT

Marie-Christine Lombard, Chairman of the Executive Board, Geodis SA

René Medori, Chairman, Petrofac Ltd

Dominique Muller Joly-Pottuz, Mitglied des Aufsichtsrats des Mitarbeiterbeteiligungsfonds FCPE Castor, Leiterin der Versicherungsabteilung, VINCI Construction France

Ana Paula Pessoa, Chairman and Chief Strategy Officer, Kunumi AI (Brazil)

Michael Pragnell, Former founding Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Executive Committee, Syngenta AG

Pascale Sourisse, Senior Executive Vice-President, International Development, Thales

Qatar Holding LLC, Company registered under Qatari law, represented by Abdullah Hamad Al Attiyah, CEO of Qatari Diar

AgeNumber of
years of
NationalityIndependanceYear first
Term of
office ends
Mr Xavier Huillard6413french2006SGM 2022
Mr Yves-Thibault de Silguy7019french2000SGM 2022
Mrs Yannick Assouad596frenchX2013SGM 2021
Mr Robert Castaigne7212frenchX2007SGM 2023
Mr Uwe Chlebos605german2014 2022
Mrs Graziella Gavezotti676italienX2013SGM 2021
Mrs Caroline Grégoire Sainte Marie61-french2019 2023
Mr Miloud Hakimi605french and algerian2014 2022
Mr Jean-Pierre Lamoure6911french2008SGM 2020
Mrs Marie-Christine Lombard605frenchX2014SGM 2022
Mr René Medori611frenchX2018SGM 2022
Mrs Dominique Muller Joly-Pottuz57-french2019SGM 2023
Mrs Ana Paula Pessoa514brazilianX2015SGM 2023
Mr Michael Pragnell7210britishX2009SGM 2021
Mrs Pascale Sourisse5512frenchX2007SGM 2023
Mr Qatar Holding LLC344qatariX2015SGM 2022
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