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Data protection

The VINCI Group promotes respect for the private life of its employees and of third parties, in all its entities.

VINCI entities apply principles of legality, transparency, proportionality and relevance to the gathering, processing and retention of personal data.

Legality: personal data are gathered and processed on a legitimate and legal basis.

Transparency: personal data are obtained fairly and legally.

Proportionality and relevance: the personal data gathered are quantitatively and qualitatively proportionate to the purpose for which they are processed.

Retention: the data retention period is appropriate to the processing purposes and regulatory obligations. When that period expires, data are destroyed, anonymised or archived.

VINCI takes care to ensure that the persons concerned are informed of the processing purposes, of the procedures for accessing their personal data, and of their rights to correct, delete, restrict, and object to the processing of, their data.

VINCI entities take appropriate security measures to guarantee the confidentiality of data and to limit the risks of their disclosure, tampering or destruction.

If third parties are used to gather or process data of a personal nature, VINCI entities ensure that those entities offer an equivalent level of confidentiality and security.

Last updated: 01/04/2021