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In Isère, a new hydroelectric power station will supply 230,000 households

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5 November 2020 - Events - France

The EDF Romanche-Gavet hydroelectric plant, which will increase electricity production in the Romanche valley by 40%, was inaugurated on Friday October 9, 2020, at the end of the largest hydroelectric project in France, with a total duration of 10 years.

Dodin Campenon Bernard (VINCI Construction), in a joint venture with Spie Batignolles Génie Civil, supplied the civil engineering works on behalf of EDF: these included boring the 9,200 m-long headrace tunnel using two TBMs, and the construction of a 180 m-tall surge tank, a lined shaft, a main power plant, and a chamber for the transformers as well as dissipation and discharge structures. Campenon Bernard Régions, leader, Cofex GTM Travaux spéciaux, VINCI Construction Maritime et Fluvial and Botte Fondations (all VINCI Construction France), VINCI Construction Terrassement and Allouard TP were responsible for the temporary diversion of the river, the dam and the water intake. And Equo Vivo (VINCI Construction Terrassement), in collaboration with Tchassagene, Biotec, Zygene and Eco-Saule‘ution, was in charge of the renaturation of the banks of the Romanche under the Végétal Local label and, together with Cardem (Eurovia), the removal and renaturation of the old installations. Built near the road leading up to the ski resorts of the Oisans region, this new facility, more reliable and environmentally friendly, will replace six power stations and five old dams. The former power stations will be dismantled, except for the Les Vernes power station, now a classified historic monument.

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