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Apprenticeships designed by our teams

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18 September 2020 - Sustainability - France

Since the beginning of the school year, 34 students have had the opportunity to join one of the two groups taking a BTS (advanced technical) course in electrotechnology, which VINCI Energies has set up in partnership with Les Compagnons du Devoir, a training organisation, in eastern France.

Then, 17 others will be taking a CAP (vocational) course in road construction organised by Eurovia and an apprentice training centre near Metz, in the same region. The course in electrotechnology is mainly geared for VINCI Energies’ trades, and will combine hands-on experience in its companies with classes covering the theoretical aspects. Eurovia will also take in students at its regional divisions, where it has a network of in-house tutors. The goal in both cases is to offer apprentices opportunities to remain in their jobs on completion of their course.

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