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Inclusion & Diversity Enablers

The network was created in 2011. Its objective is to deploy the Group’s inclusion & diversity policies locally and to interconnect VINCI’s business lines with its geographical footprint. It encourages the sharing of best-practice and tools. All employees in the Group can join the network.

Inclusion & Diversity Enablers attend in-depth training courses with theoretical and practical content. This training is given by VINCI Inclusion & Diversity Department .

Inclusion & Diversity Enablers meet twice a year at VINCI Diversity Days. They debate issues around the Group’s policies and recent developments. Guest speakers from inside and outside the Group are invited to provide comprehensive perspectives. 

VINCI Diversity Days thematics :

  • • 2023: Sharing VINCI companies initiatives on five continents to foster better gender balance and gender equality at VINCI. 24 hours of broadcasting of these initiatives on VINCI WebTV
  • • 2022: Survey of VINCI companies’ gender balance initiatives and actions specific to their geographic and organizational contexts.
  • • 2021: How gender balance enhances performance
  • • 2020: Deciphering diversity of sexual orientations, gender identities & expressions and sex characteristics
  • • 2019: Strengthening inclusion & diversity enabling capacities

Inclusion & diversity on-line courses available to VINCI employees

  • • Testing processes’ s resitsance to discrimination risks
  • • Understanding interactions between diversity and inclusion
  • • Managing peole inclusively
  • • Leveraging Gender Equality Index
  • • Eliminating biases on employees with disabilities

VINCI Inclusion & Diversity Enablers
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