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Business model and strategy

Our strategy

VINCI’s strategy is based on the joint development of its two core businesses, Concessions and Contracting. VINCI intends to make this business model even more robust by broadening the Group’s range of expertise and its geographical footprint.

Our objectives

Consolidate our position as a private sector company serving the public interest

Continue our international expansion in strong growth marketsSustain our leadership in airport activities

Expand our energy and specialist niche activities

Step up the digital transformation of our business activities and develop new sources of value creation

Our goals

Because VINCI’s business activities are positioned at the intersection of mobility, urban development and the energy transition, they will benefit from substantial and sustained investments designed to address buoyant long-term trends in these sectors. VINCI’s goal is to open up new sources of value creation by harnessing its exceptional range of expertise as an investor, builder, operator and service provider to build comprehensive solutions commensurate with these challenges.

Our commitments

To ensure the long-term success of our business model, VINCI strives to create long-term value for its customers, shareholders, employees, partners and society at large. Above and beyond economic performance, VINCI is committed to the environmental, workforce-related and social performance of its business activities.

Our integrated business model

VINCI draws on the many skills its companies have developed in each of their markets to build increasingly comprehensive and high value-added products and services covering not only the design and construction of buildings and infrastructure but also their upstream financing and development and downstream operation and maintenance.


Sharp upward trend in motorway and airport infrastructure

In parallel with the creation of France’s and Europe’s largest network of motorways under concession, VINCI has developed its network of motorways and road infrastructure outside France by winning further concessions in Germany, Russia, the United States, Canada and, in 2016, Colombia and Peru.

Within just a few years, VINCI has also become one of the world’s top five operators in the airport sector and now operates an international network of 35 airports accounting for more than 132 million passengers annually.

VINCI intends to continue applying this growth strategy. It will focus, as a priority, on the airport and motorway sectors and keep an eye out for ad hoc opportunities in other sectors such as rail and major public infrastructure. Following on from recent operations, the flow of new contracts is expected to replenish the Group’s concession portfolio and extend its overall maturity.


Primary focus on growth in energy and specialist niche activities

The priority for growth in the Contracting business is the VINCI Energies business line, which has already more than doubled its revenue over the past seven years. Further development will be fuelled both by organic growth and by acquisitions, as the sector presents numerous opportunities due to its low degree of consolidation. The energy transition is expected to generate substantial investment in the reconfiguration of energy networks and the improvement of energy efficiency in buildings. At the same time, the digital revolution is opening up new opportunities across all VINCI Energies’ areas of activity.

VINCI Construction will focus as a priority on its technically advanced activities with worldwide reach such as geotechnical engineering, complex structures, nuclear engineering and energy infrastructure (e.g. pipelines). Eurovia, meanwhile, will enhance its network in its most buoyant geographical areas, as well as in rail works.

Last updated: 26/02/2019