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La Manufacture de la mode in fine style

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6 July 2020 - Projects update and handover - France

Méditerranée Préfabrication (VINCI Construction France) finalised the installation of 231 modules of Ultra-High Performance Fibre Reinforced Concrete (UHPFRC) that form the white exoskeleton of the Manufacture de la mode in Aubervilliers, north of Paris, after just seven months of work.

A total of 14 types of module were designed using strands of UHPFRC to create a finished product that symbolises textile fibres. From production to installation, every stage required extreme precision. Each module measures 24 m high, 2.5 m wide and weighs 5 tonnes and certain tools were developed specifically for the project. The teams have also finalised the construction of 660 interior walkways around the building, designed by the architect Rudy Ricciotti, and 146 UHPFRC slabs on the roof.

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