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Präsident des Verwaltungsrats und geschäftsführender Generaldirektor (Chairman & CEO)

Xavier Huillard


Mitglieder des Verwaltungsrats

Yves-Thibault de Silguy, Vizepräsident des Verwaltungsrats

Yannick Assouad, CEO von Latécoère group - Seniormitglied des Verwaltungsrats

Robert Castaigne, Ehemaliger Finanzchef und ehemaliges Mitglied des Exekutivkomitees von Total

Uwe Chlebos, Verwaltungsratsmitglied zur Vertretung der Arbeitnehmer, Isolierer bei G+H Isolierung GmbH

Graziella Gavezotti, Geschäftsleiterin für Südeuropa und Afrika bei Edenred

Caroline Grégoire Sainte Marie, Aufsichts- bzw. Verwaltungsratsmitglied in mehreren Unternehmen

Miloud Hakimi, Verwaltungsratsmitglied zur Vertretung der Arbeitnehmer, ViE SAS-Referent

Jean-Pierre Lamoure, Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender von Atlantic SFDT

Marie-Christine Lombard, Vorstandsvorsitzende von Geodis

René Medori, Präsident von Petrofac Ltd

Dominique Muller Joly-Pottuz, Member of the Supervisory Board of FCPE Castor, Head of Insurance, VINCI Construction France

Ana Paula Pessoa, Chaiman and Strategy Manager of Kunumi Al (Brésil)

Michael Pragnell, Ehemaliger Geschäftsführer und Unternehmensgründer, Vorstandsvorsitzender und Aufsichtsratsmitglied der Syngenta AG

Pascale Sourisse, Senior Executive Vice-President International Development von Thales

Qatar Holding LLC, Hr Abdullah Hamad Al Attiyah, CEO von Qatari Diar

Mitgliedschaft im
Jahr der
Ende des
Hr. Xavier Huillard6414französisch2006HV 2022
Hr. Yves-Thibault de Silguy7020französisch2000HV 2022
Frau Yannick Assouad597französinX2013HV 2021
Hr. Robert Castaigne7213französischX2007HV 2023
Hr. Uwe Chlebos606deutsch2014 2022
Frau Graziella Gavezotti677italienerinX2013HV 2021
Frau Caroline Grégoire Sainte Marie611französisch2019 2023
Hr. Miloud Hakimi606französisch und algerisch2014 2022
Hr. Jean-Pierre Lamoure6912französisch2008HV 2020
Frau Marie-Christine Lombard606französinX2014HV 2022
Hr. René Medori612französischX2018HV 2022
Frau Dominique Muller Joly-Pottuz571französisch2019HV 2023
Frau Ana Paula Pessoa515brasilianerinX2015HV 2023
Hr. Michael Pragnell7211britischX2009HV 2021
Frau Pascale Sourisse5513französinX2007HV 2023
Hr. Qatar Holding LLC345katarienX2015HV 2022

The key features of the Board’s composition at 31 December 2018 are summarised below (*):

(*) In accordance with the Afep-Medef code.

The members of the Board have expertise in the following areas:

In 2018, the Board held nine meetings (seven ordinary meetings and two extraordinary meetings). Ordinary meetings of the Board are scheduled nearly a year in advance, whereas extraordinary meetings are often convened at very short notice. The table below provides details on individual attendance rates for all Directors at Board meetings as well as the meetings of its committees. It should be noted that every Director, except for the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, is a member of at least one Board committee, and that all of them are invited to take part in the meetings of the Strategy and CSR Committee.

In 2018, the Shareholders’ General Meeting approved the renewal of the terms of office of Xavier Huillard, Yves-Thibault de Silguy, Marie‑Christine Lombard and Qatar Holding LLC as Directors, as well as the appointment of René Medori as Director. As the terms of office of the Directors representing employees, namely Uwe Chlebos and Miloud Hakimi, ended at the close of the Shareholders’ General Meeting of 17 April 2018, the trade union having the highest number of members within the VINCI Group and the European Works Council together re-elected these two individuals to serve until 2022, pursuant to the provisions of Article 11.3 of the Articles of Association.

At its meeting of 5 February 2019, the Board decided that the composition of its committees would be changed after the Shareholders’ General Meeting of 17 April 2019, in order to ensure compliance with the recommendations of the Afep-Medef code. From that date, Mr Medori will chair the Audit Committee and Mrs Lombard will chair the Remuneration Committee.

At the Shareholders’ General Meeting of 17 April 2019, resolutions will be put to a vote to renew the terms of office of Ana Paula Pessoa, Pascale Sourisse and Robert Castaigne as Directors, and to appoint Caroline Grégoire Sainte Marie as Director. The Board of Directors believes that the renewal of the terms of office of Mrs Pessoa, Mrs Sourisse and Mr Castaigne will be especially beneficial on account of their high level of expertise in their respective fields (Mrs Pessoa in finance, digital technology and services; Mrs Sourisse in telecommunications and digital technology; Mr Castaigne in finance and financial markets). Given that the term of office of Josiane Marquez, the Director representing employee shareholders, ends at the close of this same Shareholders’ General Meeting, the process to appoint a new Director representing employee shareholders, provided for in Article 11.2 of the Articles of Association, has been initiated. Shareholders will thus be asked at the Meeting to vote on the candidate or candidates put forward, and voting will conclude once the position has been filled.

As recommended by the Afep-Medef code, the Board regularly reviews its composition so as to ensure balance, particularly in terms of diversity (proportion of women and men, nationalities, international profiles, expertise). The results of this policy are summarised in the table below:

The term of office of Directors is four years. The Company’s Articles of Association provide that no one may be appointed or reappointed as a Director after reaching the age of 75. In addition, no more than one-third of the Directors in office at the close of the financial year for which shareholders are asked to approve the financial statements may be over 70.

The average age of Directors in office was 61 at 31 December 2018, at which time three of them were over 70 and none of them were over 75.

When new Directors take office, and subsequently at regular intervals, they receive legal and financial information on the Company and its group of companies, which is frequently updated, in particular via a dedicated digital platform that gives them access to all documents presented at Board meetings. Following each ordinary Board meeting, the new Directors meet with the members of the Executive Committee. In addition, to improve their knowledge of the Group, Directors regularly receive presentations on Group companies or on cross-cutting policies during Board meetings, in particular with regard to corporate social responsibility, and take part in visits to the Group’s worksites and other business premises. If desired, they may also attend training sessions offered by independent organisations, such as the Institut Français des Administrateurs (IFA).

At its meeting of 4 February 2016, and in accordance with the Decree of 3 June 2015, the Board (i) decided that the Directors representing employees and the Director representing employee shareholders would be permitted to dedicate a maximum of 15 hours to preparing for each meeting of the Board or of any Board committee of which they are members and (ii) approved an approach intended to ensure that they receive appropriate training.

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