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Business Modell und Strategie 

Our challenges and opportunities

Our strengths

• Urgence environnementale
• Workplace and social expectations
• Urbanisation
• Mobility
• Digitalisation

• World leader in concessions and construction
• Partner for the long term working in the public interest
• Local presence with global expertise
• Diversity of skills and areas of expertise
• Decentralised management and entrepreneurial culture
• 130-year history

Our strategy


Long cycles, high amounts of invested capital

• Renew and internationalise the concession portfolio, and extend its average maturity
• Focus growth primarily on transport infrastructure
• Consider opportunities in renewable energies


Short cycles, low amounts of invested capital

• Put priority on margins over business volume
• Practise disciplined risk management
• Strengthen the Group’s presence in high value-added segments, such as energy
• Diversify our geographical spread of expertise


• Bolster synergy in operations to win new projects
• Accelerate international growth
• Reduce CO2 emissions by 40% by 2030 (Scopes 1 and 2)
• Optimise resources through the circular economy
• Protect natural environments
• Promote inclusive growth and increase the number of women executives


Human capital

217,731 employees worldwide
20% of employees in management positions
16 hours of training each year per employee
2,500 health & safety specialists
38% of training on health & safety

Technical expertise

55 R&D programmes
€50 million budget for R&D
lab recherche environnement:
partnership with VINCI‑ParisTech established in 2008

Strong local roots

• More than 270,000 worksites
3,200 business units
45 airports
350 quarries in operation
• More than 8,000 km of motorways
• Operations in some 120 countries

Environmental ambition

• More than 17% of electricity consumption from renewable sources
750 environmental experts
26% more hours of training devoted to the environment


Umsatz: 5.839 Mio.€
17.756 Mitarbeiter

Planung, Finanzierung, Bauherrenmanagement
und Bewirtschaftung von Infrastrukturen
Umsatz: 13.661 Mio.€
83.730 Mitarbeiter

Digitale Transformation
und Energiewende
VINCI Energies
Umsatz: 23.216 Mio.€
115.074 Mitarbeiter

Nachhaltige Mobilitätslösungen
Planung und Bau
von Gebäuden und Infrastrukturen


Human capital

2 milion integration hours managed
TOP employeur (2020 Universum ranking for France)
€448 million in incentive and retirement savings plans, employer contributions and profit-sharing
 €10.6 billion in employee remuneration
8.9% of share capital owned by employees
30,000 new hires in permanent jobs each year
75% of Group companies with no lost-time workplace accidents
more than 3,000 middle school students in the Give Me Five integration programme
992 employees involved worldwide through Foundation and fund initiatives.
more than 4,000 people supported each year through integration programmes to bridge the employability gap

Technical expertise

2,500 patents in effect around the world
Leonard : 35 intrapreneurship projects supported via four programmes, of which 12 have evolved into new VINCI companies or businesses
lab recherche environnement: 40 research projects related to energy, biodiversity or mobility since its inception

Strong local roots

€24.2 billion in purchases
€2.1 billion in investments
65% of the Group’s approved suppliers are SMEs
15 foundations and sponsorship organisations worldwide
€1.9 billion in total taxes paid in 2020
83% of contracts applying responsible purchasing

Environmental ambition

10% reduction in CO2 emissions from 2018, excluding acquisitions
€3.5 billion of revenue generated covered by an environmental label
14% of recycled aggregate mix in Eurovia’s total production
32 airports using no phytosanitary products


Employees The Group’s most valuable asset
Communities A partner working in the public interest with a positive social and employment impact
Customers Customer satisfaction and innovation
Suppliers and subcontractors Local market players

Governments VINCI pays taxes in more than 100 countries. In France, VINCI ranks among the five biggest taxpayers
Society Contributor to the energy transition
Investors Robust performance over the long term



VINCI has grown historically by building on the synergy of its three core business, infrastructure Concessions, Energy and Construction, which are complementary in terms of operation cycles, capital intensity and expertise. Over the years, VINCI has applied its value-creating business model to broader geographies and ever-expanding areas of expertise, making the Group a world leader inits sector. In buoyant markets, VINCI’s business model delivers robust growth; in times of economic turbulence, it isa source of resilience, as shown by the Group’s ability to hold strong in 2020 through the health crisis.
VINCI’s resilience is bolstered by its highly decentralised organisation and its management approach, which enable the Group’s companies and people to be especially agile when their environments and markets are disrupted. Their level of engagement and responsiveness during the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic aptly illustrate this.
Drawing on these solid fundamentals, VINCI will continue to implement its long-term strategy and to develop its two core businesses evenly.


The main focus of VINCI’s strategy for its Concessions business is transport infrastructure. Like the Group’s concessions contracts, this strategy is long-term. It aims to diversify, renew and internationalise the Group’s mixof concessions, and extend the average maturity of its portfolio. VINCI’s fast growth in motorway and airport concessions since the 2000s, both in France and internationally, results from the steady execution of this strategy.
To achieve its aims, the Group harnesses its integrated expertise – as an investor and developer of projects, a designer and builder of infrastructure, and an infrastructure operator and maintenance provider – and combines this know-how with its partnership culture and experience working closely with local authorities and their stakeholders.
VINCI will maintain this strategy and take a similar approach, as appropriate, to new markets such as renewable energy infrastructure. The Group will mainly seize greenfield opportunities for the development of brand-new projects. Synergy with Contracting businesses, derived from shared areas of expertise or shared host geographies will be a significant asset, especially outside France, as demonstrated by the majority of the projects developed by VINCI Concessions in recent years.


VINCI’s networks of companies in Energy and Construction businesses span about 100 countries and now generate the majority of their revenue outside France. Each business line grows its own activities, while participating in the Group’s multi-business projects. Since the 2000s, VINCI’s strategy has focused on expanding VINCI Energies. The business line’s expertise in energy and information technologies has proven to be ideally aligned with the current ecological transition and digital transformation – two long-term trends that are shaping its products and services, and fuelling its future growth. Its solid performance in 2020, despite the health crisis, is a testament to the effectiveness of its strategy. In this environment of positive long- term trends, VINCI will continue to develop VINCI Energies and all its business activities relating to energy infrastructure.
The other Construction business lines, VINCI Construction, will carry on building their networks, by both contributing to the Group’s international expansion and thereby enlarging their geographical scope and by acquiring new, high value-added expertise to broaden their technical know-how. A redesigned organisation, announced in January 2021, will optimise how these business lines operate and generate synergy by incorporating them into a single management unit.

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