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2021 Hauptversammlung der Aktionäre: 8. 04. 2021 10:00

2020 Ordentliche/außerordentliche Hauptversammlung ansehen


Documentation shareholder meeting of 8th April 2021

- the description of the 2021-2022 buyback program for treasury shares submitted by the board of directors for the approval of the combined general meeting of the shareholders on 8 April 2021

- notice of combined shareholders’ general meeting published at French bulletin of compulsory legal notices (BALO) the 1st March 2021


Ordinary Shareholders Meeting

It is held once a year and takes all decisions not requiring an Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting, i.e. any decision that does not call for changing the company articles of association. The purpose of an Ordinary Shareholders Meeting is to approve the financial statements for the past year, decide on the amount of the dividend and approve the appointment or replacement of members of the company’s corporate management structures.

Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting

An Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting may be convened at any time. It is the only meeting authorised to make changes to the provisions of the company’s articles of association: business object, name, authorised share capital (increase, decrease, merger, etc.), type of corporate management structure.

Ordinary and Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting

A meeting of this type enables decisions to be taken whether they fall within the remit of an Ordinary Shareholders Meeting or an Extraordinary Shareholders Meeting. It avoids having to hold two consecutive meetings: both take place on the same date and are convened using the same notice.

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