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December 2021

Decarbonising the construction sector, episode 1: low-carbon concretes

15/12/2021 - News update - France
Construction emits particularly high amounts of greenhouse gases. In France, estimates suggest, the sector is responsible for 8% of total emissions.* The fuel used to power machinery accounts for some of those emissions, but materials account for the bulk of them. Most building and civil engineering companies have aligned their targets with the goals in the 2015 Paris Agreement and are thus aiming for carbon neutrality by 2050. In this series, we will be looking at the various levers the sector can use to tackle the challenge of low-carbon construction. The first episode is about concrete.

November 2021

Forty years of VINCI expertise in high-speed rail projects

26/11/2021 - News update - France
On 22 September 1981, François Mitterand inaugurated France’s first TGV train, set to cover the 409 km separating Paris and Lyon in just 2 hours and 40 minutes. Forty years later, the national high-speed rail network has greatly expanded and now spans over 2,700 km, transporting more than 100 million passengers every year.

October 2021

La Cotinière port, a high-precision project in tune with the tides

28/10/2021 - News update - France
Multiple VINCI subsidiaries have expanded and renovated La Cotinière fishing port on the island of Île d’Oléron in Charente-Maritime, southwest France. In a three-year project, they created a third basin for the port as well as a landing quayside and a 40,000 m2 platform – large enough for a fish market twice the size of the previous one that will open to the general public. The project was carried out in an environmentally friendly way, following the tides and currents around the island, giving VINCI teams an opportunity to demonstrate their maritime expertise.

How to store electric energy – PSPs

22/10/2021 - News update - Morocco
VINCI Construction* is building a pumped storage power plant (PSP) in the Anti-Atlas mountain range in Morocco, close to the Abdelmoumen dam and not too far from Agadir. The PSP will enable Morocco to store electric energy in the form of water while demand is low, then harness it when demand rises – essentially, generating renewable energy on demand.

September 2021

A partnership to promote the use of hydrogen at airports

27/09/2021 - News update - France
Airbus, Air Liquide and VINCI Airports, three major players in the aviation, hydrogen and airport industries, are working together to promote the use of hydrogen at airports and build the European airport network to accommodate future hydrogen aircrafts.

Participation in the World Congress for Nature

11/09/2021 - News update - France
The World Congress for Nature, held from 3 to 11 September in Marseille, has been an opportunity for the Group to renew its commitment to preserve biodiversity and showcase the first results of its work.

A diversity and inclusion week organised in Brazil

03/09/2021 - News update - Brazil
From 30 August to 3 September, the diversity and inclusion week brought together all VINCI companies present in Brazil, i.e. 400 employees working on a daily basis.

August 2021

The VINCI Cup becomes the first mixed tournament for top-level clubs!

29/08/2021 - News update - France
After a two-year hiatus, the VINCI Cup was back this 28 and 29 August in Meudon – with a momentous new feature: it now includes women’s teams.

July 2021

Construction and operation of the new faculty of agricultural and nutritional sciences in Kiel, Germany

27/07/2021 - News update - Germany
VINCI Energies has signed a public-private partnership with the state of Schleswig-Holstein in Germany regarding the construction and operation of a new agronomy faculty in Kiel.

Launching work on Universeine in Saint-Denis

26/07/2021 - News update - France
In partnership with SOLIDEO, Paris 2024, the city of Saint-Denis and the Plaine Commune authority, VINCI Immobilier has launched the Universeine development project, set to be built by VINCI Construction France.

New features at VINCI Autoroutes service areas

18/07/2021 - News update - France
From 2 July to 21 August, the #BienArriver campaign will return to 26 service areas in our motorway network.

The first airport solar power plant in Faro, Portugal

15/07/2021 - News update - Portugal
The concession holder of Faro airport, VINCI Airports, has launched the construction of a solar power plant, set to go into operation in 2022.

A first forest carbon sink at Lyon Airport

05/07/2021 - News update - France
VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) is launching a local reforestation programme that will absorb the residual emissions of the Lyon-Saint Exupéry and Lyon-Bron airports, operated by our teams since 2016.

June 2021

Inauguration of the Nice Le Ray real-estate programme

30/06/2021 - News update - France
The Nice Le Ray complex, located on the site of the former Le Ray stadium in the heart of a 3-hectare landscaped public park, was inaugurated by VINCI Immobilier and the City of Nice on the 23rd of June.

The project to build L’Archipel, the future VINCI head office, is nearing completion!

25/06/2021 - News update - France
Four of the five buildings that will make up L’Archipel, the new VINCI head office in Nanterre near Paris, were delivered on 25 June 2021.

17,500 trees planted in Uganda

15/06/2021 - News update - Uganda
In Uganda, teams from Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction) finished planting 17,500 trees in late April as part of an initiative they took on of their own volition in 2019 to offset the Katosi-Kampala transmission project.

Delivery of the Yamoussoukro stadium in Côte d’Ivoire

11/06/2021 - News update - Ivory Coast
In Côte d’Ivoire, a consortium led by Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction) with Egis, Baudin Chateauneuf and Alcor is currently delivering a new stadium in Yamoussoukro.

May 2021

Rollout and management of electric charging points in Vienne

18/05/2021 - News update - France
The city of Vienne in Isère has tasked a consortium formed of Easy Charge (a VINCI Autoroutes and VINCI Energies subsidiary specialising in electric mobility) and the Fund for the Ecological Modernisation of Transport (FMET) with the rollout and management of its public network of electric charging points.

A challenge to encourage professional diversity

06/05/2021 - News update - France
The grand finale of Challenge Innovatech©, organised by VINCI partner Elles Bougent, took place on 6 May.

April 2021

Recognition of our commitment to employing people with disabilities

29/04/2021 - News update - France
The Trajeo’h association, set up by VINCI in 2008 to help companies recruit and retain people with disabilities, was recognised with two #activateurdeprogrès awards on 29 March.

Sustainable biofuels at Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport

22/04/2021 - News update - France
As of 19 April, VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) is supplying sustainable biofuels to users of the Clermont-Ferrand Auvergne Airport, its first customer being Michelin Air Services.

Trialling an electric service van

16/04/2021 - News update - France
In the Rhône Valley area, VINCI Autoroutes has received its very first electric van, a Renault Master ZE equipped with an autonomous mobile charging trailer.

Upgrade of the north-eastern Metz bypass

16/04/2021 - News update - France
A consortium of VINCI Construction companies – VINCI Construction Terrassement (lead), Weiler, Entreprise Jean Lefebvre Lorraine and Signature Lorraine – has been selected by Sanef, the company that holds the concession for the A4 motorway, to widen the section bypassing Metz to the north-east.

March 2021

The Femern Tunnel – a groundbreaking tunnel between Germany and Denmark

03/03/2021 - News update - Denmark
The Femern, a road and rail immersed tunnel, is being built 40 metres below the surface of the Baltic. At 18 km long, the tunnel is set to be the longest of its kind in the world.

Green light for work to resume on the Bogot–Girardot motorway

02/03/2021 - News update - Colombia
In Colombia, the teams from VINCI Concessions managing the Bogotá–Girardot motorway resumed the upgrading and widening work carried out by VINCI Construction and Conconcreto.

February 2021

A new format for Give Me Five work experience for middle school students

25/02/2021 - News update - France
In 2021, the work experience placement as part of the Give Me Five initiative will be rolled out in a new and totally transformed format in order to adapt to the ongoing pandemic. Taking place over two days instead of the previous five, educational workshops are adapted to comply with hygiene measures, participants will hear from our teams via video and remain at their schools instead of coming to our worksites and infrastructure.

January 2021

Testimonio II, a model for the Group’s environmental ambition

22/01/2021 - News update - France
Since 2017, teams from VINCI Construction* have been working with Caroli BAT and Caroli TP on the Testimonio II project in Monaco for Groupe Marzocco and VINCI Immobilier. The project’s immense scale comes not only from the complexity of the work involved, but also the extensive range of environmental measures applied.

The SEA HSL has achieved its environmental offsetting targets!

19/01/2021 - News update - France
The Nouvelle-Aquitaine regional prefecture has approved the final offsetting measures put in place along the entire SEA HSL by LISEA (VINCI Railways/VINCI Concessions).

A new VINCI foundation in Colombia

19/01/2021 - News update - Colombia
In mid-December 2020, Fondation VINCI pour la Cité announced the launch of its 15th international sponsorship structure in Colombia.

The Longvilliers multimodal car park goes into service

15/01/2021 - News update - France
After 18 months of work, the new multimodal car park in Longvilliers, located on the A10 (VINCI Autoroutes network) in Yvelines around 50 km southeast of Paris, went into service on 14 December 2020.

VINCI takes action to build a more resilient financial system

13/01/2021 - News update
Alongside its peers in the CAC 40 index, VINCI has pledged to transparently disclose its activities’ climate-related impacts, following the recommendations from the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD).