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News update

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New features at VINCI Autoroutes service areas

18 July 2021 - Events - France

From 2 July to 21 August, the #BienArriver campaign will return to 26 service areas in our motorway network.

Exhibitions, games, workshops to raise awareness and discussions with the teams focusing on biodiversity and the environment will all be offered to holidaymakers. Ambassadors for the VINCI Autoroutes Foundation for Responsible Driving will also be on hand to give out advice for combating drowsiness behind the wheel. There will also be Ulys cargo bike stands, where drivers will be able to purchase toll collection badges.
In another new initiative this summer, a new pathway and statue honouring the singer Claude Nougaro have been inaugurated at the Port-Lauragais service area on the A61 near Toulouse.
Lastly, in order to encourage drivers to drive safely and protect motorway patrol staff, VINCI Autoroutes vans that have been damaged in collisions have been on show at the Montélimar service station since last Friday as part of the “Exposed: 26 weeks, 26 collisions” installation, carried out alongside a social media campaign to raise awareness.

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