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Launching work on Universeine in Saint-Denis

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26 July 2021 - Projects update and handover - France

In partnership with SOLIDEO, Paris 2024, the city of Saint-Denis and the Plaine Commune authority, VINCI Immobilier has launched the Universeine development project, set to be built by VINCI Construction France.

The teams have been tasked with transforming 6.4 hectares of former brownfield land for the Athletes’ Village, which will then be reconverted into a sustainable neighbourhood after the Games. The neighbourhood will include 78,600 m2 of homes, 63,000 m2 of offices and 4,300 m2 of shops and spaces for other activities. Environmental considerations are central to the Universeine project with, for example, buildings aiming for a carbon footprint 40% lower than that of typical structures. As part of a circular economy approach, 75% of materials used for the temporary structures built for the Games will be taken down and reused or recycled, mostly in buildings for the new neighbourhood.

Paris 2024
Ville de Saint-Denis 
Plaine Commune

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