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News update

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17,500 trees planted in Uganda

15 June 2021 - Events - Uganda

In Uganda, teams from Sogea-Satom (VINCI Construction) finished planting 17,500 trees in late April as part of an initiative they took on of their own volition in 2019 to offset the Katosi-Kampala transmission project.

That decision led to a study of the project’s carbon footprint. The offset measures – including this reforestation – have made the Ugandan project carbon neutral. The initiative will also help protect one of Lake Victoria’s ponds as well as the Katosi drinking water catchment area, as the trees form a natural barrier against agricultural inputs and fine particles from erosion. What’s more, local communities will be able to use medicinal plants grown in the forest. From now on, a study of the carbon footprint will be carried out systematically for all Sogea‑Satom projects in Uganda and result in tree planting.

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