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A first forest carbon sink at Lyon Airport

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5 July 2021 - Sustainability - France

VINCI Airports (VINCI Concessions) is launching a local reforestation programme that will absorb the residual emissions of the Lyon-Saint Exupéry and Lyon-Bron airports, operated by our teams since 2016.

The first project of this programme, managed in liaison with the ONF (French forest agency) and the Rhône department, is based in the La Cantinière departmental forest and consists of restoring, replanting, maintaining and managing a 3.6 hectare parcel. It will sequester more than 500 tonnes of CO2over the plants’ growth period.
Further projects are planned to constitute a network of forest carbon sinks that will offset 100% of residual emissions from the two Lyon airports in the longer term.
Lyon-Saint Exupéry will become the first commercial aviation airport in France to achieve the “net zero emissions” target, as of 2026.

Find out more: https://www.vinci-airports.com/en/news/vinci-airports-announces-first-carbon-sink-lyon-airports-partnership-rhone-department-and

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