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a force
for good.
In Marseille (France), a new cultural dynamic launched and the seafront redesigned by the MuCEM, the first large French museum devoted to Mediterranean civilisations, built by VINCI.
good for
MuCEM, the extraordinary work of Rudy Ricciotti.
good for
For him and for his colleagues, millions of visitors and a job.
1.3 million visitors
in 2018, who came both to see the building and to participate in the events scheduled.
40% of the tourists
who came to the MuCEM selected Marseille and its surrounding area as their destination in order to visit the museum.
€11 million
in economic benefits generated annually for the administrative department and 180 full-time equivalent jobs created.
The MuCEM, the first structure of this size built partly in ultra-high fibre-reinforced performance concrete (UHPFRC).
The load-bearing columns, access ramps, latticework and roof are all built with UHPFRC.
Latticework that hints at a Mediterranean influence.
Technical characteristics of UHPFRC: extremely fine, with high resistance and durability.
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