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Transformation of Bay East Garden

5 January 2018 - Projects update and handover - Singapore

On a site in the Bay East Garden area that was originally reclaimed from the sea, Bachy Soletanche Singapore (VINCI Construction) teams have just finished creating a diaphragm wall – a project connected with the Thomson-East Coast Line (TEL).

In October 2016, they had completed the foundation works for the Gardens by the Bay station and the associated TEL tunnels.

And in the same area, they contributed, on a subcontracting basis, to the construction of an ancillary building and a tunnel, a contract worth over $240 million that included building a Shell petrol station.

In the space of 7 months, some 55,000 cu. metres of concrete and 13,500 t of rebars have been deployed to create 600 m of diaphragm wall and install 16 temporary King Post prefounded columns.

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