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Slope stabilisation and road rebuilding works in Tindharia

24 October 2018 - Projects update and handover - India

Reinforced Earth India (Soletanche Freyssinet/VINCI Construction) is currently involved in the rehabilitation of a 90 m-high embankment.

A landslide during an earthquake in Tindharia, in West Bengal, is threatening to cause the collapse of a century-old railway line, the Darjeeling Himalayand Railway.

Several innovative techniques will be deployed on this project, which will result in one of the tallest Reinforced Earth® structures in the world: TerraLink® (structure reducing the amount of backfill required by a factor of six), TerraNail® and FreyssiAnchors® (Freyssinet ground anchorage systems), GeoTrel™ (facings) and GeoStrap 5 (high-adherence reinforcing bars).

The works began in mid-2017 and should be completed in mid-2019.

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