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Renovating the town centre of Auch

26 January 2018 - Projects update and handover - France

Teams from the Eurovia Midi Pyrénées – STPAG office are currently working on the second tranche of the Town Centre project in the commune of Auch (south-west France), which involves reorganising the town centre, expanding the pedestrian areas and redeveloping the square in front of the Cathedral of Sainte-Marie.

A first phase, lasting till the end of May 2018, will see the cathedral square and its two adjacent streets being redeveloped; the second phase, lasting till the end of 2018, will then focus on Rue de la République, the street linking the square to Place de la Libération.

With pedestrian traffic and deliveries being maintained throughout the works, a “Traffic Man” has been assigned to look after signage and traffic management and to direct delivery vehicles serving the area’s shops and restaurants.

A “Man in Green” is also present on site to liaise with the tradespeople and with town employees. The project is being monitored by Bâtiments de France architects and the Delmas consultancy to ensure the quality of the area’s historic buildings is safeguarded.

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