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Raising a roof for the Volgograd stadium

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27 October 2017 - Projects update and handover - Russian Federation

The Pobeda Arena (pobeda means victory in Russian) is a major sports facility, currently under construction in Volgograd, that will host numerous matches during the 2018 Football World Cup. Over the summer of 2017, teams from Freyssinet (VINCI Construction) assembled the cable roof and lifted it into place.

The company was charged with the engineering (design of the cabled structure, design and definition of the construction methods), supplying the locked-coil cables (650 t) and the link elements for the connection between the cables and the steel structure of the roof (250 t), and the assembly and installation of the whole structure. Assembled beforehand on the ground, the roof, in total weighing 1,600 t, was lifted with the aid of 88 hydraulic jacks.

Located on the banks of the Volga, in the north of the city, this new 45,000-seater